Globalization is a part of modern world. It is a sign that the world changes from the old times to the ne modern era along with the characteristics that enters every aspect in human life. There are some advantages of globalization we can make use of. Through globalization, the wide variety of cuisine can be brought to dine and the new technology is employed. In general, globalization makes life better and easier. The companies, businesses, corporation and any other organization as well as institution start to grow fast and expand across the countries. Most of the businesses start entering international market. Even some cultural differences are unavoidable due to the globalization.

Now let’s learn more about the globalization starting from the definition, general description and the advantages of globalization which becomes our main topic today. We also include other additional point of view stating that globalization is good and important in order to get an easy way of life. Have a quick read on all of our descriptions to ensure you about the globalization which is much of advantage.

Definition of Globalization

It will always be essential to understand globalization first prior to the advantages. Based on the official definition, globalization is defined as an open flow and worldwide spread of information, technology, and goods across the countries on the globe. Globalization is also a change of world affecting human life and environment. Globalization occurs widely to the countries around world relating one to another. Globalization makes the world feel smaller while everything that people do is larger and larger. Globalization makes everything in competition.

Advantages of Globalization

Truly, globalization affects most of people’s aspect of life. This way, there are lots of advantages that we could derive from being globalized. Mostly, business is the life sector that mostly affected by globalization. International expansion is required to meet what the people need in these modern years. So what are the advantages of globalization we are going to share you through this article? Check out the following review sections:

New Culture Access

There are some foreign cultures that are now easily accessible due to the globalization. Clearly, people can easily access the foreign culture such as food, music, art and movies. The easy flow of information becomes the reason why you can enjoy Thai food in your country while you can also listen to your favourite American-based artist and even stream a Bollywood movie.

Wide Spread of Technology and Innovation

Globalization easily connects one country to many countries in a constant way through the wide spread of technology and innovation. Using the internet, many platforms are available to transform and share knowledge, ideas and innovation quickly. For example, a person may live in Asia but he work for a company in UK.

Technology and innovation also influence the way people moves very quickly. One hour in Bali and several hours later in Dubay. That’s always possible due to the development and innovation in accessing the world’s transportation and travel document requirement.

Lower Prices for Products

The next advantage to derive from the globalization is the lower prices for products. How globalization can allows the companies to offer a low-cost product is influenced by the use of technology and innovation, too.

Due to the rapid growth of online marketing, companies maximizes the certain platform to promote their products. In this case, there is always a price competition among the companies. Definitely, the consumers will tend to choose the products with the lower prices.

A big question is: How Do the companies produce the products with such lower prices? Due to the developing technology and innovation, companies have some options to cut their production costs. For example, they prefer using machine than the human energy. They prefer online marketing and promotion than the door-to-door or other conventional marketing strategies.

In shirt, the low price of products help consumers and people to spend less money. This is how the trade global goes in line with the globalization.

Higher Standard of Living Across the Globe

Another advantage of globalization comes to your life is the higher standard of living across the globe. Surely, the developing countries experience of globalization improve and even increase the standard living of living. Based on the data presented by the World Bank, the number of poverty decreased by 35% since 1990. Further, it was targeted that the poverty rate in 1990 would also be cut in half by 2015. In the year of 2010 and later, nearly 1.1 billion people have successfully moved out of serious poverty.

New Markets Are Accessible

Globalization makes all the markets or businesses accessible for the new customers and diverse revenue streams. This is the advantage that everyone can take to look for flexible and innovative ways to expand the business across the countries.

Access to New Talent

In relation to new markets, all companies in the world have an opportunity to find a new specialized talent that may not be available yet in their current market. This is due to the globalization that allows the companies to explore tech talent in some booming markets like Berlin or Stockholm instead of Silicon Valley. Again, employing workers overseas is possible and allowed by the International PEO, making the international hiring easier to carry out.

Positive Effect of Globalization

The advantages of globalization also mean that there are also a number of positive effects of globalization presented by the globalization. Conversely, globalization offers new chances, new ideas and open new markets that a new starter of business may have not have in their home country.

The first positive effect of globalization in economy sector is that there is a greater opportunities for the companies in less-industrial countries to enter the larger markets around the world. Secondly, globalization leads to more access not only to the technology but also to capital flows, human capital, larger export and cheaper imports market. Thirdly, the globalization allows the business in less-industrial countries to participate in the international production networks as well as supply the chains of trade.

Simply to understand, globalization decreases poverty around the world quite significantly. This is because each countries in the world increase their income per capita, supporting them to raise millions or people out of poverty.

Globalization Quotes

To boost your knowledge about globalization, reading some globalization quotes is considered necessary. In this regards, we have collected some quotes you can print out, put in frame and attach to the wall in your home or offices.

Globalization means we have to re-examine some of our ideas, and look at ideas from other countries, from other cultures, and open ourselves to them. And that’s not comfortable for the average person. (Herbie Hancock)

Globalization has much potential. It could be the answer to many of the world’s seemingly intractable problems. But this requires strong democratic foundations based on a political will to ensure equity and justice. (Sharan Burrow)

Information technology has been one of the leading drivers of globalization, and it may also become one of its major victims. (Evgeny Morozov)

Why Is Globalization Good?

Now that you have enriched with the information about the advantages of globalization, you may conclude that globalization is good. Truly, the positive effects presented by the globalization in many aspects of people’s life shows that the globalization is good.

Why Is Globalization Important?

Now the next question is whether or not globalization is important either for human life or for environment. Referring to the globalization advantages we have just shared, we may figure out that globalization is important in order that life can be much easier from times to times as we need. For example, we can communicate with people around the world, we could also create our online store and manage everything from home, we are working easily using the informational technology and even we could take a long-distance study. Well, it’s all because of the globalization. Hence, globalization is important enough to make everything easy in life.

The Meaning of Globalization in Sociology

According to sociologists, globalization means an ongoing process involving interconnected changes in cultural, social, economic and political spheres of society. These aspects are integrated between the communities, regions, nations and even isolated places.

Dealing with the economy, globalization refers to the capitalism expansion to include all places on the globe into one globally integrated system of economy. In terms of culture, globalization refers to the global spread and integration of behaviors, norms, values, ideas and ways of life. In political issues, globalization deals with the forms of governance operating at the global scale at which the policies and rules are expected to abide. These are the globalization aspects affected by the technological development, global distribution of media and communication technologies. These are also categorized as the advantages of globalization particularly in the society.

So, the definition of globalization in sociology means the change of all aspects of life dealing with the social life.

So what do you have in mind about globalization now?

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