Whether you are going to continue studying in the United States or live there in the future, mastering the English language with an American Accent is a must. Although the United States use English as the main language, the accent of English America and British English is not similar. America has its style and accent. Thus, if you are going to live there for a long period, it would be very necessary to master American English so that you can speak well as you are supposed to.

In this regards, we come to share you with sufficient information about American accent that you may need to master the language and support your total language mastery completely.

Definition of American Accent

Based on the standardized definition by Wikipedia, American English (at which you can find American accent) is sometimes called United States English. It is defined as a set of varieties of native English in the United States of America. Nowadays, American English has been widely used and becoming the most influential form of English language on the globe. This means that most people who communicate in English as an international language mostly use American style.

The Use Of English In United States of America

English is the most spoken language which is widely used in the United States. It is typically used both by the federal and government. In-laws and compulsory education, English is the primary language used in 32 out of 50 states government. The varieties of American English includes many patterns of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling along with the unification of all nations. However, the dialects are much distinctive around the world. In other words, people may use English, but they have different English language dialects depending on where they are living.

The Reasons Why You Must Learn American Accent

No matter what country you come from and what your native language is, if you plant to liven in the United States for a long time, you must learn American accent for some reasons. Firstly, mastering English with an American accent will help you advance your career while you are competing in job markets. Secondly, the native people will easily understand what you speak up so that you have better communication either in the workplace or in the neighbourhood. Thirdly, you can even reduce miscommunication by improving your English skills with the American accent. Thus, you can increase your self-confidence. Forth, you will be able to reduce the prejudice with the native Americans so that you can meet their criteria for the speech patterns required. In short, if you master the English language along with the good American accent, you will have not only higher credibility for your career but also a positive response in most of the social interactions.

4 Easily Tips On Learning American Accent

Before we start learning the American accent, let me ask you a question. Have you known the difference between accent and pronunciation? You know, the accent is different from pronunciation. Pronunciation is much dealing with the way you are speaking the language. At the same time, the accent is the language dialects which are usually influenced and governed by both your location and class.

Simply, just because you are speaking English with a non-American doesn’t mean that you are speaking incorrectly. On the other hand, mispronunciation means that you are speaking incorrectly.

Learn Rhotic Accent (r)

American accent is best considered gothic where “r” is always pronounced. For example, fully pronounce Park instead of Pahk, Door instead of Dooh, Helicopter instead of Helicopter, etc. This way, if you want to pronounce a good R, please slightly open your mouth and relax. Then, curl tip or your tongue back with no touch your top of the mouth. That’s the way you create R voice in an American accent.

Learn Th Right

The second easy tips to learn the American accent is to learn the right th. For example, the instead of ze, thought instead of sought, thick instead of sick, etc. Simply, pronounce well as it is.

Learn The Light L, Not The Dark L

The next tip on learning this accent is to pronounce L with a light voice, not a dark voice. L is lightly voiced. Differently, the dark L is hardly voiced. American accent uses the light L instead if the dark L.

Remember The Vocabulary Used

Last but not least, easily tip on learning an American accent is to remember the use of vocabulary. In this case, there are lots of differences in using the vocabularies between British English and American English. For example, American English uses Fall for Autumn, Sneakers for Trainers, Apartment for Flat, etc.

In short, many of the vocabularies used in American English are different from those which are used in British English. If you are using the British English vocabularies in the United States, the native speakers near you will just feel strange, and they will not understand what you are talking about. This may lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding.

we have read on this article; it is best to conclude that American English seems easier to learn along with the American. Either for starters and beginners or for advance speaker, American English can be mastered easily and quickly. So it would be easy for you to learn it and master well. In the end, living in the United States will be good not only in your work environment but also in the society where the neighbourhood is the native speakers. Increase your credibility at work with the good American and involve yourself more in society.

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