How often do you use the translation tool?

International translation tools or localization can help you translate faster, of course, better. Give amazing results and still be understood!

It’s easy to adapt to habits and use translate devices. When some services already provide translation tools for you, so you can find out well. However, the latest output translation tool can help you shorten the translation time and of course improve the quality of the translation results.

So, is it a good idea to invest a little time restoring the results of your translation and localizing your translation occasionally? In my opinion, this is worth a try.

As such, I will provide 10 favorite translation and localization tools, for professional translators, all of which have been tried and tested by translators around the world. Wow, so cool.

Computer-Assisted Translation Tool

Computer-Assisted Translation Tool (CAT) is the most popular translation tool in use today.

Do you often use it to help perfect your skills and emphasize the work needed by clients?

For those who are new to CAT tools, the goal is to reduce the time to translate documents. They do this by organizing the text into smaller, well-translated segments, which can be edited later during the translation process, thanks to the CAT tool translation algorithm.

Here are some CAT tools 


MemoQ Pro translator provides computer-aided translation results for each translator. This tool can operate on the Microsoft Windows platform, which is claimed to increase productivity and quality for those who use it, both editing and reviewing translations.

MemoQ translator This has a very high goal, many of those who use MemoQ will more quickly complete their work to translate. Have you used MemoQ or not at all?

MemoQ allows you to make terms and reuse previous translations. You can also add reference material by searching from other sources when typing the script and can use the automatic predictive text function.

This CAT tool has a great translation algorithm. Because it can accumulate information in the context in two directions which is super accurate. Not only that, but the MemoQ tool is also one of the most reliable translation tools by anyone.

SDL Trados Studio


The concoction of the digital industry is used by translators and localization experts around the world, helping them more quickly and fixing problems, to improve the quality of their work.

SDL Trados Studio pre-translates the translation algorithm for translators to work at a significant speed. Like pushing all CAT tools, fixing both translations of translations made to improve amazing results? Likewise, having a conversation between translation material and speech material.


This is a localization translation platform with a global level that is no less extraordinary. This cloud-based system provides access to a global content database, call it Transifex.

The cool User Interface adds to the power of the user experience, from managers to marketers and developers can take advantage of this Transifex.

For managers, it can provide the ability to manage localization translations in one place. For managers, this allows project supervision so that they can collaborate with translators.

Marketers can use it to build a well-packaged multilingual experience, while developers can automate the entire translation process nicely.

Transifex is a versatile platform, suitable for various uses. Have you installed it, both on the website, smartphone, desktop? If not, Transifex is a translation tool for you to use as soon as possible.


Another translation and localization platform is Smartling. Smartling supports you to translate scripts faster through efficient database system automation and management.

What do I like about Smartling? How to make localization translation does not require a lot of time in a very needy connection too, because the system is already automated. Have you tried the Smartling translator?


Crowdin is designed to make the translation team can collaborate easily. Crowdin is the right solution because it is based on a cloud system that simplifies the localization translation process.

If you employ professional translators and localize scripts as part of a large project, this translation tool is the best way to stay connected and benefit from Crowdin’s automatic features when translating.

Translation Tools from Website


You must try the translation tool from a site with the getText function. GetText is a function that exists in Java to retrieve text inputted on a form. If so, it’s time to taste Poedit.

Because it is considered as one of the fastest and most simple ways, in translating scripts with the getText (JavaScript) function. A very good solution, because it provides a cool and intuitive translation tool.

Speaking of problems Results of translation, your time will not be wasted on worldly tasks. More time is left to produce outstanding translations. Poedit can also correct your translated text and provide vocabulary recommendations.

The WordPress Multilingual Plugin

If you have a website with a WordPress Content Management System (CMS) regularly, try to install a Multilingual Plugin on your WordPress website. This powerful translation plugin helps to work on various elements of a WordPress site easily.

Speed ​​up the translation process and provide several useful WordPress dashboard features, so you can review translated articles. The interface is minimalist and simple, making it a must-use translation tool when you translate content for blogs.

Language and Content Editing Tools

MadCap Flare

If you translate technical texts, medical descriptions, or regulations, MadCap Flare can be a very accurate translation tool. This tool can edit scripts professionally with various types of files, from Word documents, PDFs, and HTML text.

MadCap Flare comes with a legalized version of the XML editor, editing this translation based on a multi-channel cloud system with the best algorithm. Let’s use this tool to make your work more effective.

Microsoft Language Portal

If you are working on translations in the IT and technology fields, the Microsoft Language Portal is the right choice to become a virtual friend at work! You can search  for various vocabulary related to your work. Want to try this tool?

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