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So you want to create a video and make it accessible to a global audience by automatically translating it online, here are the best-selected video translators you may consider to help you go. A simple way of translating video that is widely used by many people on the globe is by simply uploading the video, generate the subtitles automatically and finally translating the video into any language you want.

Thanks to the technology that is continuously developing from times to times, making us able to the supercomputers either in the pockets or on hands so that there is no language barrier anymore. Now you can check out the best-selected video translators in the following review sections to help you enjoy translating videos easily.


Veed is just one of the well-known app for translating videos automatically and freely. Simply to understand, Veed can translate your videos into any language. You can do it online at free of charge. As one of the best video translator, VEED comes with the six best features that are accurate translation, any language translation, translating YouTube videos, translating subtitles, translating online and live chat.

VEED is featuring accurate translations, meaning that it translates the language truly with 95% accuracy. Thus, you can save both your time and money just by using VEED to translate your videos. VEED is also able to translate any language such as Chinese, English, Arabic, Spanish, etc. Noticeably, there are more than 55 languages available for video translating.

VEED is also designed to enable you to translate YouTube videos easily into your desired language. This way, you just need to download the translation as subtitle files (.SRT). Alternatively, you can also burn them into a video. This leads your content to be easily accessed by the global audience.

VEED is a kind of online video translator that is very secure. You can make any collaboration with your team even without downloading the software. Because editing video is hard, especially for a beginner, VEED provides you with the Live Chat feature you can use anytime if you need help in translating your videos. S.


SubTitlyTM  is designed specifically for multilingual subtitling in a simplified version. All video types such as training videos, conferences, tutorials, product presentation, videos for social networks, internal communication, etc. are allowed to be translated in by this video translator. Simply, you can subtitle and translate your professional videos into more than 50 languages and areas of expertise along with SubTitlyTM.

To get started, you can firstly send your videos to TextMaster team. The video translation and transcription project must be well described. Along with the intelligent audio transcript technology, your subtitles will be automatically created and read by the professional proofreaders. Later, your video will be translated and adapted by our expert translators.

Google Translate  

No wonder if you want to translate your videos online with Google Translate. It is now available to translate not only text and images but also video. So, Google Translate is also listed as one of the much-recommended video translators to use worldwide.

Formally, Google acquired Word Lens in May 2014. Later, this Word Lense comes as a real-time instant video translation and provides the app with the seven languages availability including English, French, Portuguese, Russian, German, Italian and Spanish. Noticeably, this was only the new starting.

Surprisingly, there are 20 new languages available in Google Translate for video translating. However, you need at least 2MB to download a small file of each language you want to access. Google translate for video translating is featuring instant visual translation which is designed to work offline only. So it would be no problem if you are in a remote location which is out of spotty cellular and Wi-Fi connection.

Subtitles Player

Never wait so long until international series come out again. Subtitles Player is now available completed with an audio reader to give you comfortable viewing experience. Subtitles Player also simplify the acquaintance with foreign movies or cinema so that you can go to the mysterious world of art. Using this kind of video translator also lets yourself to learn a language spoken by the native speakers.

Subtitles Player is just another video translating app which is designed to read and translate subtitles aloud. It is great of an advantage when you want to watch videos or movies in the original language, but you don’t have any linguistic knowledge. So, subtitle dubbing provided by Subtitles Player is the perfect solution.

Go Transcript

If you are looking for a 2-in-1 solution for video content transcription and translations, Go Transcript gets you covered. Go Transcript is audiovisual translation services that are offering two big benefits; transcription and translation.

Before we start translating a video, the first process is transcription. This way, the professional transcribers provided by Go Transcript will produce a high quality of video transcription. Go Transcript never goes with the machine transcription. So it is purely using people’s capability in maintaining the quality standard.

Go Transcript is one of the video translators that is using the Transcript to translate the video content into your desired language. Some professionally trained linguists are hired by this video translator to present the best results of 100% human-generated work.

Once you caption a video with Go Transcript, you can make it easily accessed even by the people with hearing problem and foreigners as well as native speakers. So, it will just easy to subtitle your videos in many kinds of languages, enabling you to increase your viewers on YouTube. The feature of captioning translation services is great for SEO strategy so that many people from different countries will be able to find your videos easily.

Out of the five best-selected video translators we have just reviewed, you must have gotten one video translator that meets not only your necessity but also your preference. You can have one of the five video translators to install soon on your devices to help you translate any of your videos into more languages that are also accessible for everyone.


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  1. Looks great. I have a documentary that Immediately to be viewed in English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish.

    What is your advice in best app to use.

    How do I get it?

  2. Hey! That was a nice blog.
    Although I would like you to add one more tool to your list called VidScribe AI. It’s an all-in-one platform for translation, transcribing, re-dub, it does everything in minutes. Do add this one too. That would be helpful for others also.

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