What Language Pays The Most? Here Are The 9 Languages In The List

So you want to be a translator or interpreter and now wondering what language pays the most, well, here we come with the world’s highest paying on the globe. Let’s consider the world as the global village and translating languages is one of the communication solution when people are not able to speak a certain […]

History Of Japanese Language 

Learning Japanese would never be essential without knowing the history of Japanese language itself. What about you? If you are learning a language at which it is one of the popular language on the globe, you must be wondering how the language was originated and developed from the very old times up to these modern years. […]

What Is A Transcriptionist? Let’s Get to Know

What is a transcriptionist ? transcriptionist meaning or definition ? transcriptionist job ? If you have ever experienced of working in the language service industry, you must have been familiar with it. It is a kind of job that deals much with the language. A transcriptionist job is probably demanding but it can be greatly […]

8 Hardest Languages To Learn On The Globe

Loving to learn more than one language is so interesting but it can son be challenging when you find the hardest language to learn, right? Believe it or not, an advanced level of language learner will find some languages that are considered hard to learn. Wondering what languages are those? Don’t go anywhere! Stay here […]

The 7 World Least Spoken Languages Which Are Going To Disappear

Have you already known what meant by the world least spoken language is? Realize or not, some languages are going to vanish into thin air due to several speakers that are decreasing from times t times. Raising-up technology is one of the factors causing a language to be extinct. There is not even a person who […]

The Importance of Medical Terminology Translation

In these modern days, the medical world has evolved to a greater new level. However, no matter how sophisticated the technology is, it will always need medical terminology translation. This is important because terminology translation is what matters the most for the patient. The patient here is the target audience that can be speaking different […]

8 Reasons Why People Learn Japanese

Language is the bridge for the people to share the information and cultures, and it is not surprising enough that there are a thousand languages used by the people across the face of the globe. Of a thousand languages, Japanese is widely known as the most common language studied by foreign learners. Without wishing to […]

Is English Hard to Learn? Finding Common Obstacles

Is English hard to learn? If you ask foreigners this question, they likely answer yes. However, the level of difficulty depends on how close is the relation between your language and the new language. If your language is pretty similar to the new one, it will make the process easier. Unfortunately, not all of us […]

What is verbal irony?

How nice the weather today! Great job! You are an incredible athlete! Sounds so positive, right? Yeah, maybe. Actually, it depends on the gesture and speaker’s tone while pronouncing these sentences. They could be very generous compliment. However, they also can be rude and offensive sentences. A slight gesture change in expressing these sort of sentences is what so called as verbal […]