e Clinical Work Software for the Better Service of Medical Industry

With the fast and vast developing stage of technology, you may have heard about e Clinical. It basically refers to a special software, e Clinical Work, which is developed and created by a company in Massachusetts. They sell EMR (Electronic Medical Record), a software for personal and practical management health record, designed for healthcare providers. […]

Why The Letter ‘X’ Used To Represent „The Unknown Things“?

Terry Moore has the answer to the question that brought up to all of us. The question is; “Why does the letter X represent something unknown thing” Actually, we learn it in math class, but nowadays, the symbol was spread everywhere, for example – factor X, data X, project X, even TEDx. Where it‘s invented? […]

Emoji Meaning Isn’t Universal

Study found that emoji meaning isn’t universal When emojis released, at first time, it was expected would become universal language, with the ability to exceed cultural differences and borders. Recently, researchers found that some emojis are misinterpreted. This is mean that miscommunication frequently occurs. Using the same method, even professional marketing translators cannot interpret emojis. […]

How language shapes the way we think?

Hello guys! There are 7,000 languages used throughout the world – and they have different sounds, vocabularies, and structures, but do each of them form a particular way of thinking? Below is a review of Lera Boroditsky, a cognitive scientist about how language can construct the way we think I will speak in language This […]

How to Avoiding Clickbait

“New drug cure cancer” “Aspirin could reduce heart attack risk” “Eating breakfast can help you lose weight” Health headlines like these flooding the news, but, often contradicting each other. So how can you figure out which is the true health concern or an actually promising remedy, and which less conclusive? In medicine coverage, there’s often […]