With the fast and vast developing stage of technology, you may have heard about e Clinical. It basically refers to a special software, e Clinical Work, which is developed and created by a company in Massachusetts. They sell EMR (Electronic Medical Record), a software for personal and practical management health record, designed for healthcare providers. Up until now, there are 70,000 facilities and 115,000 doctors (in America alone) that have used the software.

Technology in Medical Sector

Technology has created changes by the storm. Not only it is changes the way we work and earn a living, but it also affects the medical sector significantly. Instead of relying on the old-school system of paper and manual work, today’s medical world depends on software to streamline the work. In the old days, doctors would have to do everything based on the paper. They kept their patients’ data by paper, input the data manually, and tried their best in doing diagnosis.

Now, doctors can use special software to record their patients in the digital form. When they have to update it or search for information, they can easily type in a keyword, and voila! The complete data will pop up. Manual work is no longer applicable. And the technology to determine one’s condition, symptoms checking, and such things have been made available by today’s medical sector. It provides easy access and way for them to improve their service, including in providing better diagnosis.

About e Clinical Work

e Clinical is one of those technologies designed to help physicians (and medical sector in general) to perform better. Not only administrative work is made easier, but the entire operation is also made better with improved steam and flow.

The software is coming in modules, and it is available as a service software or as the (on-site) server or client deployment. Doctors or clinics or facilities can buy the software collectively or individually. When integrated and used, the modules allow providers (health facilities, clinics, or doctors) to review the health records of the patients, like allergies, current medications, past visits, medical background, diagnostics and labs tests, while at the same time, they can manage the (patients’) accounts and verify the eligibility for the services. Patients can also send messages (to the doctors), view appointment reminders or lab results, or ask for prescription refills.

The company also offers a mobile browser so healthcare providers can make use of their smartphone to access the service, along with the embedded IP voice-over message service. The target market of the software is doctors. They can access and view their patients’ wellness data – along with the consents (from the patients). Another good thing about this software is its ability to have interoperable management with any medical, clinic, or hospital system. In 2016, e Clinical Works has 10% of share of EHR vendor market with cloud-base technology.

Understanding eClinicalWorks

This is a software especially designed for EHR (Electronic Health Record) for practice management. The idea is to provide reliable and stable technology for improved quality and service of patient care. Healthcare providers can access patient engagement, population health data, custom messaging campaigns, telehealth, healthcare analytics, and so much more.

e Clinical software has all the needed features and functions, including custom documentation, trend analysis, and structured data capture options for various healthcare specialties. Physicians and clinicians have the access to all components (within patient records network) within Patient Hub section.

The company even has better feature in version 11. Healthcare providers can get access to their own virtual assistant (called Eva) to help them review their patients’ conditions and records – including the newest info from data flowsheets and Progress Note tool. Basically, if you have the software, not only you will be given the easiness in managing your patients’ history and data, but you have your own virtual assistant to help you assess the diagnosis (and understand your patients’ conditions better).

The version 11 has the newest features, including Messenger, online appointment booking, a patient portal with self-service access, Healow app, and so much more. This is a software that can be used on a Mac or a PC. You can also use it with iPad and smartphone.

Various Services from eClinicalWorks

This isn’t a software that only has a limited feature and function. Instead of having only one specialized service, the company offers various services that can be accessed in different ways. If you are willing to spend (a good amount of) money for the software, you won’t regret your investment. In fact, it is going to be a worthy one.

The 10e is e Clinical platform with cloud-base mechanism. It includes telehealth visit and big data. They claim that many of the available features can be used or configured within a provider basis. It even supports electronic prescribing. It enables providers to access test results and labs, along with patients’ educational material.

The software supports electronic referrals, which mean that healthcare providers are able to share patient info with the others within the network. Such thing as care records summary or medical history can be managed quite conveniently. Providers are allowed to build their network (consisting of care providers) even with those who aren’t using the software.

The specialized Healow app alone can be used to track the recorded data of the patients from the specialized (home monitoring) devices. The patients are supposed to use or wear or sync it, so the EHR system (at the healthcare providers) can monitor everything. In this way, clinicians and physicians can stay connected to their patients in real-time manner – monitoring the progress, activity, and vital signs.

This is the subsidiary part of eClinicalWorks focusing on enhancing and expanding patient engagement. Healow has worked together with other technology companies, like Jawbone, Fitbit, and Withings – among others. The idea that the patients can wear or use something that is connected directly and within a real-time manner is interesting. It’s a new development where healthcare providers can understand their patients better, including in providing better service and more accurate diagnosis.

This part of technology has its own mobile app, enabling patients to have access their health records electronically – as well as their minor children. Patients are also allowed to manage and personalize their medication. They can have a refill request as well as getting medication reminders. The app is able to send auto reminders for the upcoming appointments. They will also get a summary for their visit.

eClinicalWorks has its own platform for population health management with web-based technology, providing (accountable) care organizations. It has the analytics for cost utilization and clinical quality measurement. This software’s analytics would also provide alerting, reporting, and also measuring abilities.

Using the System

You need to understand that e Clinical is different from other regular software as it is more complex and complicated. Unlike others that can be downloaded and immediately installed, you may have to learn about how to use e Clinical. No need to worry, the company provides the guide and the how-to-ways. You can also check them on Youtube – you’d be surprised to see several videos of the tutorials. Of course, they will provide assistance and guidance for first-time use, so you’ll get the hang of it pretty soon.

The Good and Bad

Just like other software, there are always the good sides as well as the negative parts. After all, there is nothing that can be 100% perfect or flawless. On the positive notes, a lot of users claim that this e Clinical software is super simple and easy. Using it would be a no-brainer – and it is pretty convenient. Many also say that basic functions are super handy. Scheduling, for instance, is great and pretty straightforward. The provider offers color coding system – and such system is pretty useful.

Many of those having clinics state that the EMR system is quite great. The system is always updated with all Diagnosis and CPT codes, making billing process easy and pretty convenient. The features are all neat and well-managed. It is a great system with convenient features. It makes all the management (especially the administrative part) easier. You can say good bye to the traditional and old-school manual system.

However, the software still has its own disadvantages and flaws. When it comes to graphics, for instance, the overall look is pretty outdated – according to many of its users. It would be nice if the company can update the font or color quality – at least it gives a refreshing perspective. In terms of function and performance, the software has a nice usage, but if the appearance can be improved a bit, it would be better.

The customer service is actually good. They have good response and they are quite friendly in assistance. They will even call! However, it’s a bit difficult to understand them when they do it – mostly because of communication issue. It leads to quite many unresolved issues.

Final Verdict

All in all, eClinicalWorks is proven to be quite a handy and helpful software – both for healthcare providers as well as patients. Despite all the flaws and downsides, the software has delivered major benefits to many of its users. If you are one of those professional healthcare providers, it would be wise to consider e Clinical for your use and operation.

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