The work involved in English to Chinese translation is never easy, even for the most experienced and skilled translator. This is demonstrated when related to Hong Kong, where the local dialect of Cantonese spoken, differs from how they communicate with the written words of Traditional Chinese. Therefore, your specific needs as our client, will determine the form of the communication for our translator.

The tones and grammar of the Traditional Chinese language have a similarity to Mandarin, which makes it essential for our translator to be familiar with the complex aspects of the languages. This is emphasized by the spoken Mandarin being significantly different to English to Cantonese translation, which means taking into account the individual linguistics, characters and cultures of the languages.

Our experts in translation English to Chinese must contend with the fact that there are 7 primary dialects associated with the Chinese language. The official, or common language of mainland China, is known as “Pŭtōnghuà”, whereas the usual language of Hong Kong and various Chinese communities residing in foreign countries, is Cantonese. Accordingly, English to Cantonese translation is widely utilized in various forms of correspondence and documentation.

A further factor that affects English to Chinese translation, in addition to the differences of the written and spoken words in Hong Kong, is that the various Chinese dialects are not mutually understandable. The term of “dialect” given to them is regarded as being relevant from political and sociological view-points. However, this does not detract from the necessity of our translators, to ensure that you are provided with the most original of translation English to Chinese, to meet your particular requirements.

Translated24 is designed to provide the best and most professional of services to you, our client. Our dedication to providing the truest form in English to Chinese translation is an example of how we approach each assignment. Accuracy is a crucial part of any skilled and intricate business and we consider each and every aspect of a language during our translation preparation. When offering us the opportunity to provide you with English to Cantonese translation, you can be assured of the commitment given to it by our experienced and highly skilled translators.

In the fast-paced world of today, the value of English to Chinese translation and the ability to communicate in an understandable manner is an opportunity for success. At Translated24, we help you achieve it!

Hong Kong Chinese:

Hong Kong people speak in Cantonese (this is a local dialect already)
Hong Kong people write in Traditional Chinese

Mainland Chinese:

Mainland Chinese people speak in Mandarin (or their own local dialect)
Mainland Chinese people write in Simplified Chinese