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At Translated24 we consider every assignment on its own particular merits and unique client requirements, for example an English Finnish translation. There are instances in which our highly qualified translators are confronted with a variety of challenges related to the different and sometimes highly complex natures of the languages, such as in the case of translation English to Finnish.

Finnish is the official language of Finland, which with Swedish, is spoken by nearly 5 million people in that country. To be able to complete their objectives in translation English to Finnish our translators are required to be aware of the foundation of the languages and their inherent linguistic influences that give languages their own characters. In addition, English to Finnish translation must take into account the various dialects and regions associated with communication in those languages!

A variety of information is used by our experts for English to Finnish translation. It will include many and various influencing factors, as determined by the needs of you, the client!

Our specialized translators possess a unique expertise in translation English to Finnish. It is part of the Uralic Altaic group of languages, categorized under “Finno Ugric” and is known a Suomi in its capacity as a Swedish minority language. Therefore, it is important that your recipient of the translation English to Finnish is addressed in the correct form of the language, to enhance and make your correspondence, or documentation, correct and easy to understand.

The written origin of Finnish, made its appearance during the 16th century and allegedly, the first item of Finnish literature, published in 1548, was a translation of the New Testament. Among the other factors that can influence English to Finnish translation, is that until 1809, Finland formed part of Sweden, with Swedish being its official language.

This was a situation that existed, with resultant influences in the Finnish language until 1863, when it was decreed that it could be used alongside Swedish, in any communications with the authorities. The history of a language is essential knowledge for any translator of English Finnish translation, as it sets the tones and linguistic characters for different regions and their people. The Finnish language gained parity with Swedish in 1892 and in the modern world of today, Finland is designated as being officially bilingual, in both languages.

Our professional expertise and service excellence at Translated24 are a bridge to help you communicate, worldwide!