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Our experienced and expert linguists are highly qualified to help you with English to Norwegian translation regardless of it being for example, a business, educational, technical or government related subject. We select our translators with care and on the understanding that they the commitment and expertise, with an in depth knowledge of the culture and tone needed for different English Norwegian translation and its applications.

The foundation for English to Norwegian translation is it being a Scandinavian Norwegian language of Germanic origin and spoken mainly in Norway as the official language of that country. Because of its relationship to Danish and Swedish; Norwegian is generally, mutually understood between the three nationalities.

Some of the aspects to consider during translation English to Norwegian by our translators are the language inherent influences. These include the fact that despite there being no officially recognized standard of speech for the language, there is in effect, “Standard Østnorsk”, or Standard East Norwegian.

When conducting an English Norwegian translation a variety of other types of language influences are also taken into account by our translators, proofreaders and editors. One example is that Standard East Norwegian is regarded as the language style of the upper urban and middle classes in Eastern Norway, as well as being the form usually taught to foreign students

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Our translation services include:

• Various Business and Financial translations, including reports
• Technical documents
• Legal and Governmental documents and correspondence
• Various Marketing and Sales related English to Norwegian translation services, for Industry and Commerce among many others!

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