Our team of translators are highly skilled and qualified in many and varied aspects of their profession. Your specified translation English to Thai is directed to the specialist that is best able to meet your particular needs, whether related to correspondence or documentation.

We offer you service excellence that takes into consideration the various requirements related to English to Thai translation. Our dedicated professionals ensure the best available translation quality, accuracy, appropriate linguistic character, for the various regions and recipients, with timely delivery. Included in our flexible and comprehensive service is English Thai translation that is certified, notarized or designed to meet specific legal requirements.

Our English to Thai translation service includes:

• Business Contracts, Agreements & Invoices
• Correspondence and Documentation Translation
• Identification Cards
• Marketing Materials, brochures and Manuals
• Tax Certificate, Company Registration
• Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce related documents, and many others.

When conducting an English Thai translation the translator is fully aware of the individual character of the language. Thai is the official language of Thailand and it is generally recognized that English is the second language, but unofficially.

The popularity of Thai as a tourist and potential business destination has meant that the demand for communication in all fields of enterprise has increased, including the need for translation English to Thai. Therefore, the various centers that host a significant volume of foreign visitors, such as, the islands, Bangkok, Chiang Mai have many and varied requirements for English Thai translation that are related to personal and documentary materials.

The Thai language varies significantly from many other languages, contributed to by it having five speech tones. Our translators must take these rising and falling intonations into account during the various types of English to Thai translation as they change the meaning of various words and therefore, the speech pattern.

Based on the alphabet of the Khmers of Cambodia, the Thai language has an alphabet that includes 44 consonants and 18 vowels. An original translation English to Thai must follow the inherent linguistics of the language, with the added challenge of it not having spaces between the different words!

Your requirements may relate to personal correspondence or highly technical documents. However, the expertise of our committed and qualified professional translators, proofreaders and editors, will provide you with a formatted translation consistent with your specific needs. For the best attention and results, we are at your service!