Loving to learn more than one language is so interesting but it can son be challenging when you find the hardest language to learn, right? Believe it or not, an advanced level of language learner will find some languages that are considered hard to learn.

Wondering what languages are those? Don’t go anywhere! Stay here for ten minutes to know whether or not the language you want to learn is in the list. Yeah, here are the 10 hardest language on the globe.


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Now you must be wondering why Mandarin is listed as the first language that is very hard to learn. Mandarin is categorized as a language of the Chinese language group. It is now become one of the most widely spoken language on the globe. Believe it or not, for English speaker either native or not, mastering Mandarin is a great addition. Wherever you apply for a job and whatever job position you are applying for, you must be required to master English as well as Mandarin. So, can we say that Mandarin is the second international language after English? Due to large number of Mandarin speaker, yes, we can.

In fact, for English speaker, Mandarin is considered as the hardest language to learn. It is due to the Mandarin Phonetic System which has four different pronunciation. As a part of Chinese language, Mandarin is rich Homophones and idioms as well as aphorism, making the learner so difficult to learn the language.

However, as there are always high demands of Mandarin capability in job vacancy requirements and fields of communication, many people begin to learn Mandarin as a plus point.


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Have you ever learned a Japanese? What makes Japanese hard to learn? Most of the language learners state that it lays on the character-based writing system. In Japanese, there are thousands of characters you have to master prior to learn the language. This way, there are three independent writing systems which are known as Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Hiragana is the character for writing the original vocabulary of Japanese. Katakana is used to write the words that are composed of foreign language. Meanwhile, Kanji is used to write the original Japanese in a symbol. Each of the characters have different alphabet. Compared to Mandarin, Japanese is a little bit easier.

In learning Japanese, the learner must also learn the Japanese culture. It is because the way a speaker speaks Japanese deals with the culture. For example, you must low down your head when you greet someone in Japanese. When you say “Hajimemashite”, low down your head (but not nod) to show that you are respecting the opposite speaker.


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The next hardest language to learn in the world is Arabic. There are four different forms of Arabic letters that depend on where you write the letters. Translating Arabic can much more difficult because the vowels may not be included just because the speakers want to complicate things. Thus, translating Arabic is considered a difficult task harder than translating any other languages.

Furthermore, Arabic has many kinds of different dialects. Arabic that is spoken in Egypt will have a different dialect than Arabic which is spoken in Saudi Arabia. So if you want to learn Arabic, be ready with the dialect you must also learn.


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Do you realize that the Asian youth now admiring Korean language? Due to the popularity of K-Pop, many youngsters learn Korean language though it is listed as one of the hardest language to learn. Apart from this fact, Korean is a unique language.

Simply to understand, when you want to say “I drink water” in English, you will say “I water drink” in Korean. That is about one of the structure style of Korean. The subject goes first followed by the object and finished by the action.


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Now let’s check out Hungarian, won’t you? Just because Hungarian is a country which may not as big as your country, you cannot underestimate its language. Hungarian is best describe to be one of the hardest language on the globe. It is due to reason that this language has some of the most complicated grammar rules.

How come?

In Hungarian, the suffixes dictate the tense and possession. So, they don’t dictate the word order. This is on contrast with the most European languages. In addition to the difficulty in learning Hungarian, the subtle elements within Hungarian language is much difficult to study.


Basque language, alphabet and pronunciation

If you speak Romance language, you probably know Basque. Just like Korean, Basque is also a language isolate. In this case, Basque vocabulary is borrowed from Roman languages. However, the way it is spoken and written is different from any other language in the world. There are also some different language extension.

Though Basque is considered as one of the hardest language to learn, its speakers reach 700,000 people. Furthermore, it has at least five different dialects, making the language not only tough to learn but also requiring the learner’s more attention to which version is used.


Finnish language, alphabet and pronunciation

Similar to Hungarian, Finnish has complicated grammar rules but it has the same lettering and pronunciation with English. This way, English grammar is simpler to understand. When you want to say “I like you” in Finnish, you must pay attention to:

Thus, you will be able to translate “I like you” into Hungarian that is “Mina pidan sinusta.”



How is Icelandic be considered as the hardest language to learn? Well, actually, Icelandic is the most complicated language yet it is not a language isolate. There are less than 400,000 Icelandic speakers on a single island. Icelandic can keep its originality without adopting foreign words because the language didn’t change since Iceland was settled both in the ninth and tenth centuries. Thus, it would be so much challenging to learn Icelandic.

Out of the 8 hardest languages to learn on the list above, is there any language that you have ever learned? Is it true that it is the hardest one to learn? Make your conclusion.

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