There are a plenty of ways on how to translate a website you can easily browse online. Now let’s thank to this page for providing us the most complete procedure of web translation. Yup, we have selected some reliable ways from some trusted resources.

Without taking too much time, let’s have a comprehensive read on the web translation procedures below:

Procedure 1: Translate A Website with Google Translate

Google translate is one of the most popular tool created to help the users read or translate a foreign language website in their native language. Thus, we include the tool in the first list due to the fact that most users around the world have been familiar with it.

Luckily, not only a single webpage you can browse but also an entire one especially in the selected language. Similar to other online translation tools, Google Translate is not as perfect as you expect. In fact, it comes with a good reputation of accuracy yet it does make mistakes.

Google Translate usually works well on with the casual website browsing such as you want to see a website looks like a Chinese’s. However, you must be careful of how the tool translates anything official.

In this procedure, there are 4 steps on how to translate a website. Here they are:

As a result, the translated website will appear. Next, you can surely surf the whole website using that language only by a click on the website. However, make sure you stay within the user interface of Google Translate.

In this tool, the Translate toolbar that is located at the top will allow you to drop-down the menu and easily change the translation language. You are also enabled to toggle back and forth between the translated website and the website in its original language.

Be concerned that there are some words and phrases that cannot be translated. This way, keep in mind that only an actual text can be translated by Google Translate. Further, a text on an image will not either be translated by this tool.


If you are using Google Translate tool, it is not recommended that you translate the whole phrases or sentences. It is due to the complexity of language and the potential errors that might appear. Instead, it is recommended that you translate only individual words when you are learning a new language.

Procedure 2: Translate A Website with Built-In Translate Feature on Chrome

The second procedure on how to translate a website you may want to try is using the built-in translate feature on Chrome. In this case, there are 13 easy steps to follow.

Procedure 3: Translate A Website on Firefox

Now if you are using a Firefox browser, no worry. You can still do translate a website in just 9 easy steps. So let’s have a quick read on the steps we describe in the following:

Firstly, head to Firefox. Open it by double-tapping on Firefox app icon. Later, open the Translation add-on installation page to enable you to translate the entire Firefox website using Google Translate. Keep in mind that this step doesn’t require you to use the website of Google Translate.

Thirdly, tap in “Add to Firefox”. This option comes in blue button that is in the middle of the page.  Afterwards, tap on “Add” when prompted to install it to Firefox. Again, tap “OK” when prompt to confirm that you can successfully install an “Add-on”.

The next step requires you to go to the website that you want to translate. So, right-click the “Translator” icon in the upper right corner your browser. If this icon is not available, you can find the symbol of three lines in the upper right side of the window. Later, tap on “Translate this page to (Language)” that you can find in the dropdown menu. Surely, your webpage will be translated and opened in a new page.

As the final step, you can change the translation language if it is necessary. Just right-click the Translator icon and tap Options to select Change Language. Choose Web Translation and tap on “Select target language” in the dropdown menu box. Later, you can save the language by clicking on “Save” options at the top of the page.

Procedure 4: Translate A Website on Microsoft Edge

Just because you use Microsoft Edge doesn’t mean that you cannot translate your website. Microsoft Edge is one of the most popular browser that is also common to appear on your computer screen. Now we also provide you with the tips on how to translate a website on Microsoft Edge.

In this regards, there are 9 applicable steps to practice translating a website. So let’s consider them in the following:

Procedure 5: Translate A Website On Safari

The next procedure on how to translate a website is using Safari. Perhaps, you are just one of Safari users that attempts to translate your website on Safari. So here we’ve got you covered.

There are basically 9 easy steps to follow in translating a website on safari. Like the other procedures we have just described above, this one requires you to follow all the steps without missing a single one.

First of all, open Safari. Perform this step by clicking on Safari app icon symbolized by a blue compass in your Mac’s Doc located at the bottom of your screen. Secondly, head to open the “Translate extension for Safari” option to enable you to translate the entire websites.

Thirdly, there will be an option “Install Now” appear on your screen. It is on the right of the icon extension. Click on it to install the translation tool on your Safari browser. The next step is going to the website that you want to translate. This way, you must find and open the desired website and start performing to translate it into another language you want.

Once you finish translating the website, right-click a blank space on the page that you can find in the drop-down menu. In this case, you may need to hold down “Control” while you are tapping on the blank space on the website. However, this depends on your Mac.

The next step of procedure 5 on how to translate a website you should follow is to click “Translate this page” option which is available in the drop-down menu. Do this to open the toolbar just below the address bar. Find it at the top of the window.

The seventh step is choosing the option “Select a language”. This option is available in the toolbar when you click the “Language” option in the drop-down box. Quickly, tap on the language you want to use for your translated website.

The last step that you have to perform is to click “Translate” arrow. This option is available at the bottom of the toolbar. Next, reload your website in your chosen language. Well, see how you complete to translate a website into your desired language on Safari.

Procedure 6: Copy and Paste Based Translation Method

One more procedure we are going to share you is the copy and paste based translation method. It is best described that this one is the easiest method of translating a website. In this method, the webmaster will just need to copy every sentence or phrase into a Google Sheet, leading to share it with the translator.

Start by creating a Google Drive folder to store the text and a Google Sheet to input the text that you want to translate. Later, share the folder with Travod or your translation provider. Once you complete this step, you can copy the translated text from the updated Google Sheets.

This method requires no use of technology. However, the translations quality is based on you. As humans, you might make errors in copying and pasting the text, copying and pasting twice or you might even forget to copy the whole phrase or sentence.

Things to Remember

No matter what kind of browsers you use, they will typically adjust the websites to use your computer’s default language especially if the language is different from the website’s contents.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that translations may not as accurate as always. Therefore, you need to avoid using web browser translations as your references to complete assignments or other crucial documents. One more, not all websites will support translations.

Final Words

Overall, translating a website is easy to perform. Make sure you know what browser you are using and get the suitable procedure. Don’t hesitate to try all the tips we have just shared to help you find the easiest and the most flexible way on how to translate a website. Have a nice try!



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