International Translation Day can be observed on September 30 every year, and be commemorated to enhance translation profession awareness and to give appreciation to professionals working in language expertise. Translation helps in promoting cultural heritage and creates a sense of respect to each other in the currently changing world.

According to the United Nations, International Translation Day handles an important role in uniting countries, contributing to the development and strengthening of world peace and security. This day provides a great opportunity to highlight the important work of translators, interpreters, and any other profession in the language services industry.

International Translation Day 2019: Theme

International Translation Day 2019 themed “Translation and indigenous Languages” The theme focuses on native languages that are in danger of extinction. Therefore, it is important to conserve and protect millions of indigenous languages around the world. Language for indigenous people is an integral part of their culture. It can be said that when a community loses its language, its culture will be lost too.

International Translation Day 2018 themed: “Translation:

Promoting Cultural Heritage in Changing Times” The theme was chosen by the FIT council, and played an important role in uniting countries, facilitating dialogue, understanding and cooperation, contributing to the development and strengthening of world peace and security.

International Translation Day 2019: History

Did you know that International Translation Day is one of the latest entries in the world event calendar? This commemoration was arisen by the International Federation of Translators (FIT) This day celebration is in regard to appreciate translators works and translators who break down language barriers to make the world a little more reachable. The commemoration of this day is celebrated with a series of events, seminars, and symposia in different regions of the world.

On May 24, 2017, the General Assembly adopted 71/288 resolution to declare 30th September as International Translation Day after considering the role of professionals in connecting countries and nurturing peace, understanding, and development.

FIT chose September 30 because this date coincided with St. Jerome, the Bible translator who is deemed as a phenomenal translator. This celebration has been promoted by the FIT (International Federation of Translators) which was founded in 1953. Even in 1991, FIT launched recognized International Translation Day idea officially to show the solidarity of the translation community around the world and furthermore, to promote the translation profession in several countries.

International Translation Day 2019: Influence

Let us inform you that translator and interpreter are two professions with a single dedicated goal, that is facilitating communication between people. Both translator and interpreter are at an intersection point that has an impact on business development, science, medicine, technology, international law, politics, and numerous other expertise. This assistance will give each world’s abilities to learn each other for the interest of the community as a whole.

According to UNESCO, cultural heritage as mentioned in this year’s theme does not imply as “monument and collection of objects”. It includes non-material cultural heritages, for instance, knowledge, beliefs, and practices pertaining to humans, nature, and our relationship with the universe. This does not only help in intercultural participation but also encourages mutual respect about other ways of life.

Therefore, International Translation Day highlights the role of translation to advocate professions that help promote understanding of cultural heritage and mutual respect in our changing world.