Do you keep wondering what the most translated website in the world is? It is quite probable that you point out Apple as one of the web domains owned by a rich company or Google as a search engine or even Wikipedia as one of the most comprehensive sources of information. Well, you’re mistaken. Neither Apple, Google, nor Wikipedia is the world’s most translated website though they are also known as the translated website.


Don’t tell me that you never visit Wikipedia. It is one of the most widely visited websites which provides users with approximately 287 different languages. There have been more than 37 million articles available in 287 languages. This information is based on the Wikipedia source.

However, not all of the articles are translated into all languages. In other words, one article is not translated into all languages. It can be translated into 100 languages, and others are translated into 150 languages. Well, it depends on the article and the translators available on Wikipedia.

Though Jehova’s Witnesses have extremely a larger number of languages translation availability, Wikipedia seems more popular, especially among the students. As one of the most translated websites, Wikipedia provides the users with the exact and accurate source of information, especially when they are searching for a definition of something.


The following translated website after Wikipedia is Google. Who in this world doesn’t know Google? We can even say that Google is like a king of the kingdom of internet-based information sources. Google has been entering most of the users’ parts of life.

A little bit different from Wikipedia, Google is reported that its web portals are translated into nearly 164 languages. Nevertheless, many younger people on the globe tend to visit Google because Google has been dominating their search actions. Further, Google is always installed readily and easily on any device, providing them with easy access.

However, Google also has a downside that makes some people go for another translated website. It is the fact that several secondary websites, including Google Careers and Google Crisis Response, are only found in English. This means that only English is available for the users if they access the websites. This makes not all people in the world read any post, but only those capable of mastering the English language.

Samsung and Apple

Though Samsung and Apple are not the first most translated websites, they are also listed as one of the most widely used translated websites globally. Samsung website offers 166 languages, while Apple offers the less. They are 125 different languages only. How do they have very few languages to translate on their websites? The main reason is the fact that Apple adapts its content based on each language. This means that the same content is published in different languages. For example, there is the same content that is published in the Columbian version and Spanish version.


Do you have a Facebook account? Have you ever tried to change the language setting of your Facebook account? If you check out the Setting options available on Facebook, there are some language options you can choose to use. It is your personal choice to use your mother tongue, your national language, or English as an international language. Just in a second, your Facebook account will be ready in the language you choose.

Now there are approximately 97 languages available on Facebook. Luckily, the machine translation system is provided by Facebook to let the users post on the timeline in another language and can translate it just by clicking on the “Translate” button located near the post.

In 2008, Facebook completed the translation process from English into Spanish. After English, this is the first language offered by the social network for the users.

Aliexpress and Amazon

Aliexpress and Amazon are the two companies that run on e-commerce business. Thus, their websites must provide the translation of many languages around the world. Aliexpress’s websites are available in 15 languages, while Amazon is offering 14 languages. In this case, they are only translating their content into the languages of countries to which they are expanding.

To provide the users with an easy way of accessing the contents, machine translation is made up there to enable the translation process to go well. In short, Aliexpress and Amazon websites are not probably the most translated websites, but they are ready for a few languages needed.

Is there any other translated website you might know? Now, if you have a website, perhaps you need to make it translated so that it can grow up well and bigger like the translated websites we have just reviewed above.




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