What are the most useful languages to learn? This is basically a question on a personal level, which means that you need to ask yourself to answer this question. The reason why people would learn a different one from their mother tongue would be various – some are on personal level, while some are on business (and professional) reason.

Do you know that there are 6000 different languages in this world? How do you narrow it down and choose one that you like? Well, again, it depends on your personal preferences and reasons. Some people may learn a language for traveling, while some simply for personal satisfaction. Some do it for the sake of business and money – because the languages are profitable to help them make money! So, whatever your reason for learning a (or even more) language, there are several languages that can be considered ‘most useful’. In reality, though, all languages are useful and they have their own special benefits.


It has somewhat been considered an ‘international’ language. If English isn’t your first language, then it would be considered ‘a must’ to learn English. When you are traveling to countries whose first language isn’t English (such as Japan, France, or Germany), people are trying their best to communicate in English. This is the first most popular languages in the world, enabling people from different countries to engage, interact, and communicate. So, if your mother tongue isn’t English, it is highly advisable that you learn English as one of the most useful languages to learn. Trust me, it can get you to many places and be able to communicate to the local people.


It’s a modern time where traveling is made easy and highly accessible – for everyone! You don’t have to be loaded just to be able to travel. There are many inexpensive accommodation and flights that can take you everywhere. You may have to prepare and plan extra, but you should be able to do it without any issue.

Well, Spanish is the second most popular languages in the world, after English. It actually has more (native) speakers than English, which means that any slightest knowledge of the language can be a great help. If you are able to speak Spanish, you will be exposed to many exciting experience. This is the official language in 20 countries, like Mexico and Spain. Not to mention that it isn’t difficult to learn. Well, at least in a complicated and complex way. Rest assured that learning Spanish will give you more chances and opportunities to experience more.


If you want something less mainstream, you can consider Arabic as one of the most useful languages to learn. Arabic is the official language (and also co-official language) in 25 countries, including Yemen and Morocco. There are several reasons why you should consider learning the language. First, it is the main and major language of Moslem civilization. Second, the language has been the most popular ones, sitting on the fifth place, especially in Arab-influenced countries. When you are traveling to the Middle East, the ability to speak Arabic would definitely help. And the fact that the Middle East countries have opened up themselves to the Western world has opened up many traveling opportunities. You may be interested in their culture, cuisine, and the overall experience.


Mandarin Chinese

Chinese is the biggest and also most populated countries in the world. And you can’t underestimate the fact that the country has grown into a powerful nation with huge influences in medicine, technology, finance, economy, and so much more. In terms of business, China is one of the most powerful nations in the world. In short, China plays a crucial role in the world’s development and global economic sector. Businesses people have seen the opportunities presented by working in the country or join forces with the businesses.


If you want to enjoy profitable lifestyle and be able to earn money, learn Mandarin Chinese. It is a tricky and rather difficult language, but once you master it, you have relatively small matter of competition. Due to the difficulty level, not everyone can handle the complexity. But it’s a good thing if you are a hard worker willing to go extra length to master the language. Rest assured that your hard work would be paid off handsomely. It is one of the most useful languages to learn to master, especially for business. Remember, the competition is fairly low so you can really enjoy the fruitful outcome.



Japanese culture has infused into Western culture gradually through art and entertainment. Over the last decades, more and more (Western) people are more interested in manga and anime. More people are also traveling to Japan because they are interested in the unique culture, beautiful landscape and view, and the technology. Like China, Japan has become one of the most powerful and strongest countries with its technology. And let’s not forget about the people’s positive ethic and norm. They are discipline. They are hard worker. They are determined.

Traveling to Japan can be one of your best experiences in life! The country is relatively safe. It has a nice combination and balance of modern life and past traditional culture – which they still hold dearly. Learning the language may not be easy, but you should know that learning Mandarin is far more difficult. It doesn’t hurt learning Japanese, really. The people may know English, but they would appreciate it more if you try conversing in their native language. It’s nice to travel around and get respect from them – at least for trying!


If you fancy traveling to exotic beaches or the hidden beaches, then learning Portuguese can be extremely helpful. Portugal is known for their beautiful (and often hidden) beaches with natural and stunning views – right in the middle of nowhere! Basically, you can enjoy natural view and great traveling experience. If you have learned Spanish, learning Portuguese would be a breeze! The language is not difficult to learn either. And this is the official language in many countries in Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe, so you really got nothing to lose with mastering it. That’s why you should seriously consider the language as one of the most useful languages to learn.


Learning this language would be a challenge, but you won’t regret it! This is one of the most influential languages in Europeasian and Eastern Europe countries. Do you know that Russian is the second most popular language when it comes to internet content? The first one is English, naturally, and Russian is following on the second place. If you have to deal with European businesses, learning Russian would be a great help for you – and your business or career. Moreover, the language is unique in its own sense and there is something exotic with its spoken form. If you want something unique and highly profitable for the future, then you should consider Russian.


You have to admit that Italy has contributed its own shares in the world, especially in fashion, history, and cuisine. Who doesn’t know ‘Milan fashion’ or pizza? The country is also great for traveling – especially with its heritages. It has been known as the country having many historical sites that earns it ‘The world’s most heritage sites’. Do you know that Italian is actually an official language in (a region of) Croatia and Switzerland? Don’t these facts make you want to learn the language even more? It doesn’t hurt to try digging further into this one of the most useful languages to learn.



Just like Italy, France is well-known for its fashion, wine, and cuisine. It is one of the most popular traveling destinations in the world. The French people are so proud of their language, which often leads them to speaking exclusively in French. They know English, but in most cases, they prefer not to speak it – a habit that can be considered annoying for many people. But aside from it, you have to admit that French language is beautiful with its own rhythmic tone. It is one of the most useful languages to learn because you can enjoy some perks from your language ability. You will gain instant respect when you talk in French – and somehow, they would be somewhat friendlier to you. If you are traveling to remote areas (areas that aren’t located within the city center), the language can be a huge help. And it is certainly handy (and somewhat fancy), if you can order your favorite meal in French.



It may not seem like one of the most popular languages in the world, but the hallyu has taken the world by the storm. Hallyu means ‘Korean wave’ which refers to the increasing South Korea’s popularity in entertainment, TV movies or dramas, music, and pop culture in global scope. If you take a look at some years back, Korean movies have made into box-office lists. American’s music list, for instance, has welcomed Korean music and even pop stars. Boyband groups like BTS, for example, have made it into Top 40 Billboard.


Korean language has its own exotic feel to it, just like other Asian languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, or Thai. One interesting aspect about Korean language is the phonological characters. Their shapes are somewhat the same as your mouth’s shape when you’re making the sound. The writing system is also unique. It may seem complicated and difficult at first, but once you understand the concept and the system, it can be super fun to learn it. This is definitely one of the most useful languages to learn, especially if you are into Korean things now!



German is basically one of the oldest languages in the world. English was actually created from Germanic root. This is why some of their words share similar meaning or form. German is the most popular (spoken) language in Europe. When you are traveling to Europe, it would be super handy to be able to speak it. Sure, the language has its own challenges – especially with 250 different dialects that you should be careful about. But German people would appreciate it if you try speaking the language – and they tend to be more welcoming. Learning the language will give you more insight and knowledge about their culture. Not to mention that learning a few words or sentences can help you enjoy Octoberfest even more!


The language sits on the fourth place as the most spoken language in global scale. Not to mention that it is also the official language in India, the birthplace of four religions and yoga. In terms of GDP, India is the third biggest country for the purchasing power parity. It is also the seventh biggest world in terms of economy. The culture is unique and beautiful – with more than 322 million of people as the native speakers. The ability to speak the language well is helpful when you are traveling to the country. It doesn’t hurt to study further of this language – especially if you are into Hindi movies so much!


If you like traveling up north to those cold and quite countries, then Norwegian would be one of the most useful languages to learn. It’s not complicated or fussy learning the language, really. The grammar is pretty simple with only one verb form within each tense. The many vocabularies have similar form like English. You need to know that English and Norwegian come from the same root of Germanic family. It means that both languages have the same word order too. If you want to learn something enjoyable and simple, then learning the language would be a fun thing to do!


Final Words

Again, learning a language should come from YOUR own personal consideration. This is a learning process that should be fun. When someone decides to learn a foreign language, he/she needs to be passionate about it – not being forced. So, ask yourself whether you want to learn a foreign language and whether you are ready for the process. Only then you can pick one option among these candidates of the most useful languages to learn.


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