Whether you are a new language learner or the one who is eager enough to know the list of languages in the world ranked based on the number of native speakers, here we write the article. In this regards, we rank the languages by caution due to the fact that a language may be viewed as a single language while other case it is considered as a set of varieties. This way, a language can be a national-standard language while others can be separate languages. For example, Chinese is considered as a single language while it has its

In fact, it is difficult to obtain the reliable number of speakers because of the population change and language shift. Thus, the results of counting the number of native speakers vary over time.

Here are the top native speaker-based list of languages you may be wondering to check out:

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese places the first rank in the list due to 918 million speakers. This language is literally known to be a simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese which is mostly used in official speech. This way, Mandarin is one of the largest of seven Chinese dialect groups. It is spoken nearly by 70 percent of all Chinese native speakers over a large region in China. This lead to greater increase of travel and communication in North China Plain than in the south.

There are four tones in most Mandarin varieties. However, many of the varieties including the Beijing dialect that has been lost in southern varieties of Chinese.

The standard Chinese, which is known to be a single language, is spoken as the official language for the people’s republic of China yet it is also spoken by most of people in Beijing.

Native speakers who are not the academic linguists may not know the Mandarin Chinese variants that they speak is Mandarin with northern dialects. Due to the wide geographical distribution and cultural diversity of the speakers, Mandarin dominates the individual dialects.


Being at the second rank of list of languages, Spanish is originated in the Liberian Peninsula of Europe. Now it is spoken by nearly 500 million native speakers who are mainly based in Spain and America. In present, Spanish is the world’s second most spoken native language after Mandarin Chinese. It is also the world’s fourth-most spoken language after English, Mandarin Chinese and Hindi.

Spanish is one of the six official languages used in United Nations as well as European Nations. Other officials speaking Spanish are the Organization of American States, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, the Union of South American Nations, the African Union and many other international organizations.

Though this language has a large number of speakers, it is not importantly used for scientific writing. Further, despite being the third most used language on the internet after Russian and English, only 75% of scientific productions written in Spanish. This way, there are only 3 thematic areas that use Spanish. Those are social sciences, medical sciences, and arts or humanities.



If you think that English is the number-one language spoken all over the world, you are absolutely true. Further, it is listed as the third rank of the most native speakers-language after Mandarin and Chinese.

Originally, English is a West Germanic language that is firstly spoken in early medieval language. Right now, it becomes the leading language of international discourse today on the globe. The term “English” was formed after the ancient Germanic people migrated to the Great Britain which was later called as England.

Old English existed in the 5th century while the Middle English began in the late 11th century. In this period, English was influenced by old French. Early modern English began in 15th century and used in the King James Bible.

In 17th century, Modern English spread around the world influenced by British Empire and the United States. After all, English has become the leading of international discourse and lingua franca in many geographical areas in science, navigation and law. Of course, all types of this language are used in most of printed and electronic media in the countries.

From times to times, English stands as the language that is mostly learned as official language. There are always increasing numbers of language learners studying the language as their second language more than the native speakers. Nowadays, there are approximately 379 million speakers speaking this kind of international language.


Believe it or not, Hindi is the fourth most spoken language after mandarin, Spanish and English in the list of languages on the globe. Hindi is best described as a standardized and sanskritised register of the Hindustani language which is primarily based on Delhi dialects.

Hindi is native to India with 322 million speakers these years. Hindi is also a lingua franca of the Hindi belt. Outside India, there are some other language variations that are officially recognized as Hindi, however, those are not the standard ones.

Hindi is easy to learn and understand for most Pakistanis who speaks Urdu, which is nearly similar to Hindi. This language was also widely spoken by large population in north India that migrates to Nepal some hundred years ago.


If you are new to language, it is probably strange to learn Bengali. However, when you begin to recognize the world’s best list languages, you will find it as a lingua franca of Bengal region located in South Asia.

Bengali is a language spoken by Bangladesh. In fact, it is the second most widely spoken out of the 22 languages in India. Nowadays, there are approximately 228 million native speakers and another 37 million as second language speakers. By Total number of speakers around the world, this language is the fifth-most spoken native language and the seventh most spoken language.

For Bangladesh, Bengali is either official language of national language. Around 98% of Bangladesh speak this language as their mother tongue. Further, it also becomes the official language of the states of West Bengal, Barak Valley and Tripura region of the state Assam.


Did you know that Portuguese is a Roman language? Originated in Iberian Peninsula of Europe, Portuguese is literally known as a Roman Language and is the sole official language of Angola, Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, Brazil, Principe, Mozambique, Cape Verde and Sao Tome.

In the list of languages, Portuguese has approximately 215 to 220 million native speakers and 50 other million second language speakers. Totally, this language has around 270 million speakers. This language has become the most widely spoken language in South America and all parts of Southern Hemisphere. Many of international organizations also use it as an official language. Further, it is also listed as one of the top 10 most influential languages in the world.

Portuguese is the native language of the majority people in Portugal, Brazil and Sao Tome as well as Principe. In many countries, there are also major Portuguese-speaking immigrant communities while in Goa, Daman and Diu which are the parts of Portuguese India, there are still 10,000 speakers along with 1.500 students learning the language.


Russian is known to be an official language not only in Russia but also in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. In fact, it is also widely spoken throughout the Central Asia, Caucasus and some extent in the Baltic states.

In Europe, Russian is the largest native language and the most geographically used in Eurasia. In the list of languages, Russian is largely spoken with more than 258 million of the total speakers on the globe. Russian is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. After English, it is the second-most widespread language used on the internet.

The recent standard Russian, is usually considered as the Modern Russian Literally language which was increasingly used in the beginning of 18th century. Up to 20th century, this language is spoken by the noble classes and urban population. It is also continually spoken in the countryside. In the middle of 18th century, Russian dialects were forced to include in the compulsory education established the Soviet government.


Japanese is primarily spoken in Japan with over 128 million speakers. Japanese is one of international languages that is used widely. The first Japanese words were recognized in the 3rd century and the substantial texts were not recognized until the 8th century. In this case, Chinese had been considerably influential to the developing of Japanese vocabulary.

The Late Middle Japanese which was in the period of 1185 to 1600 brought changes to the features of modern Japanese.

In the list of languages, Japanese doesn’t have any clear relationship with Chinese though in its writing system had borrowed a large portion of Chinese vocabularies. Up to now, this language is spoken almost exclusively in Japan. However, it is also widely spoken outside the nation. Japanese immigrant who lives in Brazil and United States speaks Japanese as their primary language.

Japanese is the “de facto” national language but it has no official status in the world’s languages.

Western Punjabi

Western Punjabi places the ninth rank of the world’s most spoken native languages with more than 120 million people speaking the language. This language is mostly spoken by almost Punjabi people in an ethno linguistic group f the cultural region of Punjab, northwest India and Eastern Pakistan.

In Pakistan, Western Punjabi the 11th most widely spoken language in India as well as the third most-spoken native language in subcontinent of India. This language is uncommon for Indo-Aryan languages when using lexical tone. However, it has national and local scripts used historically and currently discusses on writing system.

This language comes with the seven different dialects enriching the language variants. The first dialect is Majhi which is the standard Punjabi. It is spoken primarily around Amritsar and Laahore. In fact, this dialect is the Punjabi’s prestige dialect and be the official language based on the Majhi.

The second dialect is Shahpuri. It is mostly spoken in Pakistan Punjab especially in Shahpur district. It is also widely spoken throughout Sargodha and Khushab district. The third dialect of this language is Malway. This dialect is widely spoken in the southern part of Indian Punjab. It is also a daily language in Bahawalnagar and Vehari district of Pakistan.

The next dialects enriching the Western Punjabi’s dialect is Doabi. It is formed from the word “Do Aabi” that means the land between two rivers. Truly, this dialect is spoken in the area between the rivers of the Beas and the Sultej in a region called Doaba.

In the parts of Haryana region between the Satluj and Ghaggar rivers, the dialect used is called Puadhi. This dialect is also widely spoken in the south-east and east Ambala District. Jatki dialect is more well-known in Jungle Bar in 20th century.

In Khanewal and Jhang districts, Punjabi people speaks Western Punjabi with Jhangochi dialect while in the west of Chenab river in Jhang district, people tend to speak with Chenavari dialect.


In the list of languages in the world, Marathi places the 10th rank. This language is an Indo-Aryan language which is spoken mostly by more than 83 million Marathi people. In Maharashtra and Goa states of Western India, this language becomes both the official language and the co-official language. Well, it is also one of the 22 scheduled languages of India.

Marathi is used for all official purposes in most cases. It is also included among the list of languages which stand apart of the 8th schedule of the India Constitutions.

There are three dialects in Marathi language. Those are Varhadi which is spoken in Western Vidarbha, the region of Maharashtra, the Zadi Boli dialect which is spoken in Zadipantra, the eastern of mahashtra, and the dialect called Southern Indian Marathi which is mostly spoken in Southern part of India.

Final Words

Out of the 10 list of languages we have just described here, have you learned one of those languages? If you are a language learner, then this article would be much of advantage to enrich you with knowledge about the world’s top language based on native speakers.



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