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What is a transcriptionist ? transcriptionist meaning or definition ? transcriptionist job ? If you have ever experienced of working in the language service industry, you must have been familiar with it. It is a kind of job that deals much with the language. A transcriptionist job is probably demanding but it can be greatly rewarding.

So if you are one of the language learners, language lovers and finally language experts, being a transcriptionist is one of the job field open to you. Simply, if you want to work as a transcriptionist, you will work in the language service industry. But what is actually transcriptionist? What does a transcriptionist do? What skills are required to be transcriptionist? How is the work?

When you are so curious, just let’s go checking them up all now.

Transcriptionist Definition

Prior to knowing all about transcriptionist, have you already known the definition? A transcriptionist is a specialist in working out documentation. Its job includes the voice recording and conversion. So after listening to the voice recording, a transcriptionist is required to write it. What you listen to, what you write. Or write what you listen. As simple as that.

It is not uncommon that doing transcription needs a big patience and a serious training. Not all of the language experts are able to transcribing. A transcriptionist must have an excellent typing skills, hearing accuracy and a commitment to produce a high quality of written document. Thus, a transcriptionist needs more than just a serious training. One of the big jobs is to transcribe any legal recording, either about medical or other topics.

General Transcriptionist

Dealing with the question; What is a transcriptionist, let us direct you to general transcriptionist. Some professional transcriptionist may be more interested in specific fields like law or medicine, but optioning the general transcription can also be a good choice.

A general transcriptionist usually starts the job by obtaining experiences in handling many kinds of different topics, leading him/her to make a decision whether to specialize or to remain a general transcriptionist.

A general transcriptionist works by listening to the voice recordings of court hearing, business meeting, college lectures, personal conversations and other recording types that need a written reference. Whom does a general transcriptionist works for? Not only the companies or organizations but also some individuals need documents transcriptions which may include transcribing phone conversations, speeches, teleconference, script, articles, forums, dictations, correspondence, manuscripts, reviews, meetings and repots.

Being A Transcriptionist

Do you want to be a transcriptionist? No wonder. There is no extensive training requirements especially if you want to be a general transcriptionist only. However, if you want to specialize, there is usually a requirement of a certificate or associate degree not only in the court reporting but also in legal transcription and medical transcription like it is required by some of the states in the U.S. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about it since there have been some online courses available online.

A Must-Have Skills of A Transcriptionist

There are some must-have skills required to be a transcriptionist. Patience and a trustable knowledge of understanding the recording are the basic requirements of being a transcriptionist. In addition to the transcriptionist requirements, these are the must-have skills you need to master:

A good typing skill

A transcriptionist must have a good typing skill. It is because your job is documenting what you hear or listen. You cannot underestimate this requirements since you must type fast and accurately while you are listening to the voice recordings.

To be a skillful transcriptionist, you must be able to type about 60 to 75 words per minute along with the 98% accuracy.

Computer skill

Be computer literate. Computer skills are the essential skills including the downloading files and entailing research as well as word processing programs.

Grammar and spelling skills

What is a transcriptionist? He/she is the one that must have a great grammar and spelling skill. To support the transcribing so that you can work fast and easy, you need more than just a grammar and spelling skill. You had better use a good writing editor to easily and quickly check your text dealing with the sentence structure, grammar and spelling.

Must-Have Essential Tools for Transcriptionist

To support the way you are transcribing, there are some essentials tools you must have if you really wants to be a transcriptionist. Those are:

Transcription Software

Transcription software will provide you with the great help for transcribing. The software is typically downloadable and available for free or purchased version. If you want to have the free version, then you can look for the trial.

A general transcription software can cost from $50 to $100. Some transcription software are available only in Windows and OSX while many of them are available in all operating systems. Choose one software that is best suitable with your necessity and preference.

One thing to remember about the transcription software is the ability of the software to play different types of videos as well as audios file types.

Foot Pedal

Foot pedal is one of the transcription software that enables you to play, pause, fast forward and rewind an audio recording just by using your foot. This is because foot pedal contributes much to concentrate on typing. Foot pedal can be separately purchased. If you want to purchase, make sure it has a good compatibility with the transcription program you are using.


It is also essential to have an excellent pair of headset to support you work with the above-average quality. In this case, you can choose a pair of headset with a 3.5mm jack which is much stronger than the USB headset along with a sound card. In doing a transcription, make sure you have a comfortable headset so that you can enjoy transcribing well without any problem.

Word Processing

The last but not least tool you must have is a word processing program to help you type and edit the document. Make sure you have the word processing program that is able to produce files in the formats required by the clients.

So what is a transcriptionist? He/she is the one who types or write what he/she is listening to. And it is one of the great positions in language service industry.

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