What is cultural awareness? If you are living in a multicultural country or you are just travelling around the world, cultural awareness is a primary concern. Being aware means giving attention to. Being aware of something means allowing yourself to be conscious and to understand as well as to tolerate over something. So, awareness means a consciousness and understanding that a person has in viewing and behaving.

This article will clearly describe the cultural awareness in detail including the definition of cultural awareness itself, the cultural sensitivity training, the cultural knowledge and all other related information that people may need to deeply understand the cultural awareness.

So let’s have a quick read on the following review sections to get enriched with the knowledge.

Cultural Awareness

What is cultural awareness? Globally, cultural awareness is the ability to experience, share and importantly understand the cultural diversity on the globe. Let’s consider how the world is created with the huge cultural diversity from country to another county and from place to place within the country which are all coming with the specific characteristics, way of life and thinking. These may be causing chaos if there is no cultural awareness and understanding.

In cross-cultural understanding, there are lots to take to the mind involving the big diversity of culture beliefs, behaviors, traditions, perspectives and values which are all comprehensive enough to pack in an article and share to others as a means of understanding cultural awareness.

Cultural Sensitivity Training

In relation to cultural awareness is a cultural sensitivity. It is defined as an awareness and acceptance of other cultures and other cultures identities. Cultural sensitivity is also related with the competence or ability and skills that are needed in order that people will have an effective communication with the people with the different culture.

On the individual levels, cultural sensitivity has a crucial role in allowing travelers and workers to navigate a different culture through the right way interaction. For companies and organizations, it is a must to ensure that all of their staffs and employees are able to interact and communicate effectively with the people with the different background of cultures. This is when a cultural sensitivity training comes into play.

Basically, cultural sensitivity training is a training given to the workers, staffs or employees by the companies or organizations to increase the cultural competency as well as to prevent the conflicts that might lead to unexpected accident and incidents due to the discriminations, retaliation and harassment.

In this regards, there are five reason why cultural sensitivity training is highly recommended. First, it is raising the cultural awareness among the employees. Second, cultural sensitivity training will help change the behaviors of all individuals in facing the huge cultural diversity. It helps them have more positive attitude so that they behave appropriately based on their race, age, gender, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. This training also helps to the companies and organizations to explore the types of actions to improve both the motivation and the teamwork.

Third, cultural sensitivity training will help individual to make a better decision. Through the training, the employees are enriched with the knowledge that unconscious biases can create problems when they are in the workplace.

Forth, the training will improve communication skills. In fact, a lack of communication will make people misunderstand when they get interacted both internally and externally. In this case, the training ensures for effective communication of different groups with the different cultures.

Lastly, the cultural sensitivity training will help stimulate an ongoing conversation among the employees. This way, the employees will learn how to deal with the communication bias and insensitive remarks as well as behaviors. The training will just encourage them to speak up, raise concerns, ask questions and report any incidents that might be caused by the discriminations they are experiencing in the workplace.

Cultural Knowledge

What is cultural awareness? To completely answer the question, there must be a deep understanding about cultural knowledge. Cultural knowledge means that you know well some cultural characteristics, values, history, beliefs and behaviors of other cultural group around you.

Cultural knowledge covers all and any cultural knowledge that you need to have to raise your cultural awareness. The more knowledge about culture you know and understand, the more you will behave appropriately along with the good attitude to ensure your interaction skills. As a result, you will be able to work effectively in cross-cultural settings to present better outcomes.

Cultural Insensitivity

Cultural insensitivity means that you are not sensitive to the culture diversity. This way, you are not aware of the culture diversity around you. If you are living or working in a multicultural environment and you are insensitive, you might lead to practice discriminations. This will actually cause you not effectively interact with people around you. You will not either effectively work well, thus, you cannot produce a better outcome. Cultural insensitivity also leads you to behave improperly due to the cultural diversity around you.  If you go on your cultural insensitivity, you may probably lose your life values and even your position in the company or organizations.

Cultural Consultants

What are cultural consultants? Well, they are commonly the community leaders with the broader knowledge about their own culture. They offers their community the best service to meet the needs of the community dealing with the cultural diversity. It can be about how to interact, communicate and behave properly to the people from different cultural background. In this case, the cultural consultants work independently from the wide range of background and experiences. They usually serve the best of their professional services to help their community face the cultural diversity as well as arise the cultural awareness.

Cultural consultants in companies or organizations must have specific capabilities for the organizational development. Those include the understanding about diversity and inclusion, having an international mobility, conflict resolution and team-building for the development of global leadership. It doesn’t stop here. The cultural consultants must also have capabilities of mergers and acquisition as well as executive coaching.

In addition to the global work experience, the existence of cultural consultant is necessary to give cultural awareness training and to facilitate the clients. In this case, the cultural consultants are the bridge for the cultural gaps. They will give solution by giving a natural coaching and consultative approach through the list of dos and don’ts for the clients completed with the list of why behind the behavior.

Cross Cultural Awareness

The next thing to know relating the question “what is cultural awareness?” is about the cross cultural awareness. According to some academic literatures, cross cultural awareness is a good understanding of its own culture to help individual to understand the other cultures deeper. Thus, they can be successfully perform the cross cultural behavior.

Cross cultural awareness is very much important to raise in individuals consciousness either on their own cultures or the cross-cultures. Understanding cross-cultural awareness is considered crucial to help reduce the cross-cultural conflict and the inappropriate behaviors. In the other words, cross cultural awareness lead people to behave in an acceptable way across the different cultures. As a result, the communication skills will be highly enhanced including the listening, speaking and observing skill in playing a vital role to build the trust among the people from different cultures.

Cross cultural awareness also helps reduce the cross-cultural misunderstanding so that the people can create such a winning working environment in the workplace. It is also one of the business advantage and cost-effective solution for many organizations and companies since it can also rise and maximize the potential globally as well as provide the better outcomes for either companies or organizations.

Cultural Diversity Training

In order to develop a successful seller-buyer relationship, a sales manager in a company must go through special training called cultural diversity training. Prior to taking this topic up, it has been argued that sales people are required to be exposed to a culturally diverse meeting. This is aimed to let the sales managers to realize the impact of cultural diversity on their business relationship. This is also aimed to raise the sales people awareness instead of ignorance.

Cultural Diversity training is crucial to help the companies and organizations to be stronger in improving communication and intercultural awareness. In this case, the employees must be aware of how important to respect the cultural differences of others around and in the workplace. Thus, cultural diversity training program is offered by the employers to increase the awareness toward the cultural diversity.

So what is cultural awareness? Based on what we have drawn here on this article, cultural awareness is everything dealing with the way of respecting the people and the environment that come with the different culture. In companies and organization, there are usually a program of cultural awareness training and other related ones to raise the employees’ consciousness about the cultural diversity in the workplace. This is aimed to create an effective communication and to avoid the cross cultural conflicts.

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