Language is the bridge for the people to share the information and cultures, and it is not surprising enough that there are a thousand languages used by the people across the face of the globe. Of a thousand languages, Japanese is widely known as the most common language studied by foreign learners. Without wishing to set aside English, which is globally known as the international language, Japanese has been widely spoken by approximately 128 million people. This becomes the major reason why I learn Japanese.

When you travel around the world, you might frequently find the Japanese Diaspora in some countries such as Brazil, Philippines, United States, China, United Kingdom, Canada, and some other countries in Southeast Asia.

Widely spread in many countries, the Japanese community becomes another reason why learn Japanese is crucial. There are growing numbers of people in the world who learn Japanese for special purposes, which also becomes the subject in some schools.

When you ask someone about his underlying reasons why they learn Japanese, you will be able to draw some conclusions that it is based on their integrative and instrumental motivation. Integrative motivation refers to the ability to integrate with other people who do not share their mother tongue.

The instrumental motivation is associated with the incentives that the learners will get as they learn new languages. These reasons later become a major interest among the researchers to have an in-depth investigation.

Understanding the reason why learn Japanese is popular

Regarding the previous researches, people who learn Japanese as their foreign language have their strategies. The most common ways to learn a new language can be done through movies, songs, or books. This has been done throughout the years by language learners, especially those who are now learning Japanese.

In line with the language learning strategy, there are some reasons why learning Japanese is popular among language learners.

  1. It is the gateway to open up the world.

The difficulties in learning Japanese because of the alphabetical symbols are not the major barrier for the determined learners because they have strong intention why learn Japanese is important. To them, Japanese helps to open up the world from its literature, anime, movie, manga, games, and many more. It is also said that thousand of medical kinds of literature were written by Japanese health expertise. To those who want to learn the original literature should learn Japanese in advance.

  1. You can get bigger job opportunities.

When language learning is aimed at getting a job, it belongs to instrumental motivation, which many foreign learners do to pursue knowledge in the Japanese language. By it, Japan is globally known as the second biggest economy across the globe with high GDP. Many famous and profitable multinational corporations are found in Japan, and this becomes another reason why learn Japanese is important to get a dreamed job there.

  1. It reveals the cutting-edge technologies.

We all know that the Japanese are great innovators in many aspects, especially technology. The android robots, smartphones, 1artificial intelligent robots, pocket calculators, and many other sophisticated technologies have played a significant role in helping human beings get their prosperity. Such great development causes many technology enthusiasts are highly interested to learn Japanese. For this reason, why learn Japanese belongs to instrumental motivation.

  1. You can expand social circles.

If you visit Japan for some reason, it might be hard to meet Japanese who speak English confidently. It is because the majority of people living in Japan are shy, humble, and polite. When you ask someone about his English mastery, the Japanese will refuse politely. Do not blame them, but you must realize that you are in their country and you must learn their language if you want to make a friend. It is surely beneficial because you can share many things.

  1. You will know better about Japan’s culture.

Another reason why learn Japanese is interesting because of the unique cultures. It is said that Japanese culture is the perfect combination, both traditional and modern. Social conduct is something common in Japan, and this is rarely found in western countries. The cultural traditions are embodied in their talks and behaviors. You will see the young generations who behave in a modern way still exhibit their traditions, which manifest in writing, talking, and hearing.

  1. It helps to explore the beautiful spots.

During the vacation, people from different parts of the world come to enjoy the beauty of nature. It is said that there are numerous tourist destinations in Japan where you can enjoy the breath-taking views ranging from the majestic Fuji Mountain to Disneyland. All those fabulous experience can be more fun when you can speak Japanese. It is the reason why learning Japanese is very beneficial for globetrotters.

  1. It is tremendously helpful to study abroad.

It has been admitted that many international students slightly refuse to pursue knowledge abroad where English is not the first or second language. To surprise you, this is not a good option because they have missed the great chance to discover how fabulous Japan is. Apart from the fear of the international students who want to go to Japan for educational purposes, the rest of the students out there are highly motivated to learn Japanese for this reason.

  1. It reveals the old civilization.

Learning Japanese is important because it helps people learn more about Japan’s oldest civilization, which begins in 600BC. This long history has gained interest among the people who love studying archeology. The civilization and culture of Japan in history had made a great contribution to the world, including the Shinto belief. As you travel to Japan, you can still enjoy the historical heritages in some museum and the story of how the kings reigned Japan for a thousand years with ups and downs.

Knowing why you learn Japanese is important because it helps people discover the culture, nature, civilization, traditions, and other developments. Unfortunately, many language learners refuse to learn about it because of the difficulty in understanding the letters which are segmented into three, namely kanji, hiragana, and katakana. Despite all the difficulties above, there are still thousands of people across the globe who eagerly want to learn Japanese because of some reasons above.

Deskripsi: There are numerous reasons why learn Japanese is widely performed by many people worldwide, and it falls into integrative and instrumental motivation.

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