English to Chinese and Mandarin Translation

Every language has its individual linguistic characteristics and naturally, its own culture, which are factors taken into consideration by our experienced translators regarding English to Chinese translation. Although when spoken, the languages of Cantonese and Mandarin are significantly different, their written communication is basically the same. They are however referred to when written, as “Traditional Chinese” and in Mandarin, “Simplified Chinese”. It is the appearance of the characters that present the obvious differences.

These are examples of the complexity that faces our experienced professionals in English to Mandarin translation as well as a translation English to Chinese. Therefore, in order to provide you with the best possible service quality and accuracy, out translators are experts in defining the various and subtle nuances of the different languages or dialects.

It is not a question of just producing English to Chinese translation from one language to another; there are 4 variations of Chinese to consider, which include the Traditional writers of Cantonese and the Simplified writing of Mandarin. Therefore, the expertise, knowledge and awareness are an inherent requirement in our highly qualified and trained English to Mandarin translation experts. They have the expertise and dedicated capabilities of interpreting the meaning of speech, text cultures and linguistic variations.

The most usual of the Chinese dialects that are translated by our qualified professionals are English to Mandarin translation and English to Chinese translation. Mandarin is the primary dialect and the one designated by most people as being representative of the Chinese language; it is also the official language of mainland China.

It is the inherent variations and concealed complexities that provide the Chinese language with its uniqueness and its translators, with the challenges in translation English to Chinese. Because of the linguistic and cultural complexities of the language, it is essential that you provide our translator with a complete briefing as to the nature and form of your requirements. The various varieties of the Chinese language all have a Sino-Tibetan origin, which means that they are usually “tonal”.

Our translators during the course of translation English to Chinese will conduct their work in accordance with the specific requirements determined by you. Although the origin of the Chinese language is monosyllabic, Mandarin has become what is known as “polysyllabic”. This term is commonly known as the ability to compensate for the reduction of the previous tonal content in the language.

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Hong Kong Chinese:

Hong Kong people speak in Cantonese (this is a local dialect already)
Hong Kong people write in Traditional Chinese

Mainland Chinese:

Mainland Chinese people speak in Mandarin (or their own local dialect)
Mainland Chinese people write in Simplified Chinese

English to Chinese and Cantonese Translation

The work involved in English to Chinese translation is never easy, even for the most experienced and skilled translator. This is demonstrated when related to Hong Kong, where the local dialect of Cantonese spoken, differs from how they communicate with the written words of Traditional Chinese. Therefore, your specific needs as our client, will determine the form of the communication for our translator.

The tones and grammar of the Traditional Chinese language have a similarity to Mandarin, which makes it essential for our translator to be familiar with the complex aspects of the languages. This is emphasized by the spoken Mandarin being significantly different to English to Cantonese translation, which means taking into account the individual linguistics, characters and cultures of the languages.

Our experts in translation English to Chinese must contend with the fact that there are 7 primary dialects associated with the Chinese language. The official, or common language of mainland China, is known as “Pŭtōnghuà”, whereas the usual language of Hong Kong and various Chinese communities residing in foreign countries, is Cantonese. Accordingly, English to Cantonese translation is widely utilized in various forms of correspondence and documentation.

A further factor that affects English to Chinese translation, in addition to the differences of the written and spoken words in Hong Kong, is that the various Chinese dialects are not mutually understandable. The term of “dialect” given to them is regarded as being relevant from political and sociological view-points. However, this does not detract from the necessity of our translators, to ensure that you are provided with the most original of translation English to Chinese, to meet your particular requirements.

Translated24 is designed to provide the best and most professional of services to you, our client. Our dedication to providing the truest form in English to Chinese translation is an example of how we approach each assignment. Accuracy is a crucial part of any skilled and intricate business and we consider each and every aspect of a language during our translation preparation. When offering us the opportunity to provide you with English to Cantonese translation, you can be assured of the commitment given to it by our experienced and highly skilled translators.

In the fast-paced world of today, the value of English to Chinese translation and the ability to communicate in an understandable manner is an opportunity for success. At Translated24, we help you achieve it!

Hong Kong Chinese:

Hong Kong people speak in Cantonese (this is a local dialect already)
Hong Kong people write in Traditional Chinese

Mainland Chinese:

Mainland Chinese people speak in Mandarin (or their own local dialect)
Mainland Chinese people write in Simplified Chinese

English to Arabic Translation

Translated24 offers professional and highly qualified English to Arabic translation service, which includes document and website translations and video games. Irrespective of whether your translation needs are complex and lengthy documents, or a simple letter, a top quality translation is guaranteed.

We have experienced translators who are English Arabic translation specialists in a variety of documentation, such as decrees, diplomas, as well as marriage, birth and death certificates and transcripts, among others.

Our translators are well trained in the techniques required for translation English to Arabic, which is a Semitic language, but it does however, have similarities to the Hebrew and Aramaic languages. Although various dialects are spoken in the modern Arabic states, Modern Standard Arabic is utilized for the printed media.

Our experienced experts in English Arabic translation are aware of the various nuances associated with translation procedures of this nature. They are able to discern the subtle differences of the language, including formal business and academic translation needs. Whether your requirements relate to legal, financial or medical documentation, or reports, our English Arabic translation personnel are specialists with a wide and varied range of expertise.

Our translation English to Arabic service is designed to help not only individuals in every walk of life, but also those business persons who depend on communicating with clarity and understanding worldwide. We have the capacity to provide a top of the market facility that will enable a free flow of business communication between more than 40 countries.

Among the documents that are regularly subject to English to Arabic translation by us are:

• Government related services
• Business-economic documentation
• Legal documents and correspondence
• Marketing-Sales and Product materials

Our English to Arabic translation service is committed to providing you with the highest possible quality and accurate work, with an emphasis on accuracy, cost effectiveness and meeting your deadlines. For this purpose, we have a team of dedicated translators and support personnel, who with the operational tools available, are able to meet the expectations and increasingly high demands of our clients.

Our sophisticated systems with our experienced translators enable us to process any translation English to Arabic, including HTML, PHP or any website, while working directly within the source code. Many of our innovative business clients realize the benefits of translating their websites into the Arabic language, for the purpose of future market development.

Whatever the form of your Arabic translation requirements, at Translated24 we provide solutions.

English to Turkish Translation

During recent years, Turkey has extended its commercial relations with different countries across the globe, including the United States of America. This has meant an increasing demand for English to Turkish translation regarding business correspondence as well as personal communication.

Translated24 has explored a situation that has highlighted the need for translation English to Turkish with the potential of shared projects and investments and which has influenced the importance given to English Turkish translation and its completion by qualified and professional translators. It is a crucial aspect, related to mediation between the different linguistic cultures as well as ideologies and the various socio-political structures. We help in overcoming these differences that can prove confusing issues to your targeted readers.

Our skilled translators, proofreaders and editors have the qualifications that are necessary for any English to Turkish translation of correspondence or technical documents. All assignments we receive are treated with the utmost confidentiality, as well as being reviewed, corrected and improved to meet the highest degree of communication at any level. Our English Turkish translation provides you with an asset that can improve your impression on any particular targeted market, by offering promotional materials and advertising in the language of the region.

The Turkish language forms part of the Ural-Altaic linguistic segment, as does Finnish and Hungarian. A translation English to Turkish must determine the natural character of a region, such as those spoken between Turkey and Mongolia and the Turkish language used in Turkey alone. It is however, usual to distinguish the regional Turkish languages, such as that of Azerbaijan, by reference to the particular geographical area.

This is an example of how crucial it is for an English to Turkish translation to be completed by a qualified professional translator; to ensure that your communication is created in the appropriate linguistic terminology and regional character. Various historic changes have created a situation whereby Turkish has expanded over an extensive area. Because of this, a variety of dialects and accents have been created, which could be a consideration for translators of an English Turkish translation.

At Translated24, we are concerned with providing you with a translation English to Turkish that is representative and inherent to a particular region where it is spoken. These include more than 2.5 million in Germany and 1.5 million people in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece.

We take every care in providing you with a structured, genuine language translation!

English to Thai Translation

Our team of translators are highly skilled and qualified in many and varied aspects of their profession. Your specified translation English to Thai is directed to the specialist that is best able to meet your particular needs, whether related to correspondence or documentation.

We offer you service excellence that takes into consideration the various requirements related to English to Thai translation. Our dedicated professionals ensure the best available translation quality, accuracy, appropriate linguistic character, for the various regions and recipients, with timely delivery. Included in our flexible and comprehensive service is English Thai translation that is certified, notarized or designed to meet specific legal requirements.

Our English to Thai translation service includes:

• Business Contracts, Agreements & Invoices
• Correspondence and Documentation Translation
• Identification Cards
• Marketing Materials, brochures and Manuals
• Tax Certificate, Company Registration
• Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce related documents, and many others.

When conducting an English Thai translation the translator is fully aware of the individual character of the language. Thai is the official language of Thailand and it is generally recognized that English is the second language, but unofficially.

The popularity of Thai as a tourist and potential business destination has meant that the demand for communication in all fields of enterprise has increased, including the need for translation English to Thai. Therefore, the various centers that host a significant volume of foreign visitors, such as, the islands, Bangkok, Chiang Mai have many and varied requirements for English Thai translation that are related to personal and documentary materials.

The Thai language varies significantly from many other languages, contributed to by it having five speech tones. Our translators must take these rising and falling intonations into account during the various types of English to Thai translation as they change the meaning of various words and therefore, the speech pattern.

Based on the alphabet of the Khmers of Cambodia, the Thai language has an alphabet that includes 44 consonants and 18 vowels. An original translation English to Thai must follow the inherent linguistics of the language, with the added challenge of it not having spaces between the different words!

Your requirements may relate to personal correspondence or highly technical documents. However, the expertise of our committed and qualified professional translators, proofreaders and editors, will provide you with a formatted translation consistent with your specific needs. For the best attention and results, we are at your service!

English to Swedish Translation

At Translated24 we have established our reputation for service excellence by providing the highest quality work that is accurate and designed to meet your specific needs. As in the case of English to Swedish translation we help our clients regardless of the size of their assignment.

Our expert translators have expertise in a wide variety of applications, including legal oriented translation English to Swedish, which offers particular challenges in linguistics, culture and form. This type of quality correspondence and documentation requires the attention of only the most experienced and qualified English Swedish translation professionals.

An English Swedish translation concerns a language with approximately 9 million speakers, primarily located in Sweden and Finland. This language is related to Norwegian and Danish, with a mutual understanding especially in written form. For about 600 years, until the early eighteen hundreds, Finland was ruled by Sweden, during which Swedish was the main language of government and education. In Finland today, Swedish has equal status with Finnish as the official languages.

Translation English to Swedish especially when related to any technical applications, require a high degree of expertise and experience in specialized fields. It is critical that targets are able to easily understand the English to Swedish translation. Accordingly, our technical translators are selected for their appropriate qualifications and help provide a highly competent service to you. They include assignments in the areas of Engineering, oil and gas, Manufacturing and many others.

Our services are designed to cater for individuals and major corporations, regardless of the nature of the English Swedish translation applications required. Whether you represent, or wish to address a business, educational institution or a government agency, we enable you to communicate more effectively, by providing the best in a huge variety of material translations.

When related to foreign governments, educational institutions and immigration authorities, among others, accurate and well designed certified English to Swedish translation can be a significant need. The usual certified documentation processed include, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and school transcripts. However, other official applications involve regulatory agencies and similar entities.

At Translated24 we are committed to providing you with a highly efficient and accurate translation English to Swedish service. You are assured of confidentiality and the support of some of the most professional and qualified personnel available. Our established reputation for work ethics has been added to by stringent quality controls, all designed to ensure your complete satisfaction.

English to Spanish Translation

Today is the time of fast lifestyles and even faster communication methods. Therefore, it could be worth keeping in mind that if you want to retain correspondence messages, of a professional or personal nature with foreign friends and associates, then English to Spanish translation service could be the answer!

We are a specialized translation service in more than 40 languages. Our qualified translators are experts in understanding the subtle nuances of the Spanish language and culture that is necessary in translation English to Spanish. This especially applies when conducting business between the two countries, whereby a professional translation is an influencing factor, if you want to impress your existing or potential clients.

Whether you require a personal or business English Spanish translation service, our established experience and expertise is an assurance that our specialized translator will provide you with an accurate result. Terminology and language skills in the English Spanish translation will enhance your document with a localized speaker tone. At Translated24, we have an established team of translators who are specialists in different areas of expertise.

We offer our clients a wide variety of services, with experienced translators for every area. Medical related English to Spanish translation, legal or any other profession, are conducted by highly experienced specialists. They have the inherent ability to structure any document to meet the needs of the subject and the different targeted language audiences.

In the United States, the Spanish speaking population has seen a rapid growth and it is a market that could be neglected if your communication skills are lacking, such as with correspondence, or organizational and product related documentation. By utilizing the services for English to Spanish translation your presence in this market could be significantly enhanced.

The impact that may be created by changing the tone of your website for example, will promote your products and services, as well as customer perception in this market segment. With our translation English to Spanish experience, your optimization process could be influenced to gain higher positioning in the directories and search engines. Equally, could a English Spanish translation also have a positive influence!

Our translators and support personnel at Translated24 are professionals in every sense of the word. Whether you require a translation English to Spanish or other formats to meet your specific needs, we have the versatility and flexibility to provide the service excellence that is our commitment to clients.

English to Russian Translation

We are an established, professional translation service specializing in over 40 languages and as such, our qualified specialists have an in-depth knowledge of these languages. Our clients benefit from the expertise of our translators, for instance with an English to Russian translation, which is helped by this inherent linguistic background.

The history related to a language, provides some general basics for a translation English to Russian. In this particular case, it is Cyrillic, which was first introduced in Russia during the Middle-Ages, after which it was further developed. In the 18th century, the forms of the letters were regularized and made easier for communication purposes. During 1918, various letters considered unnecessary were removed and the alphabet became what it is, today.

At Translated24, we offer our clients the capacity to translate a English Russian translation into more than 40 languages. This is the Standard Russian tongue, which became the official language of that country during the mid-1800. Not only is Russian regarded as being the most important of the Slavic languages today, but it is also one of the official languages of the United Nations.

As a leading translation service, with highly qualified translators, we are able to offer our clients English Russian translation of documents, website and video games. Our translators are specialists in particular fields that include those related to finance, legal, medical and many others. In addition, we offer you a specialized document translation English to Russian for birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as diplomas, divorce decrees, or any other documentation.

As further support we have the capability of English to Russian translation with regard to Russian websites. It is performed professionally, whether it is a static HTML site or one that is more advanced. Because of the continuing and rapid growth of global business, we recommend that you give attention to localizing your website with our professional translation English to Russian expertise and increase your business penetration.

We believe in providing support for our clients and we therefore ensure that we have English to Russian translation specialists available to meet their particular needs. Added to this service are our experienced coordinators who are highly trained and experienced to deal with the technical details concerning your project! It is immaterial what the format is and whether it relates to translation English to Russian, a complicated website, or any other contingency.

At Translated24, the needs of our clients are prioritized and this is what our established reputation is built on!

English to Romanian Translation

At Translated24 we provide an established, international service that is recognized for its accuracy and comprehensive translations in more than 40 languages, including English to Romanian translation. With experts in all related fields of industry and commerce, we also offer the same high standards of service to individual clients who call on us for help.

Whether your translation English to Romanian requirements are related to business communications, or personal correspondence, documents or any other media, we will give you the best possible and professional service available.

Romanian or “limba Romana” is a language spoken today by approximately 30 million people in Romania and Moldova. However, due to emigration of Romanian nationals, it is a language that can be heard spoken in many countries across the world. This in turn, has created a need for English Romanian translation various aspects of global communication.

The complexities of English to Romanian translation can better be understood if you travel back about 2000 years in time to find the origination of the Romanian language. It is to the land of Dacia and when it was colonized by the Romans in the year 106 AD. Latin was introduced as the language of commerce and administration. However, from the 7th century and for the following 300 years, the Romanian language was further influenced by “Slavic”.

Our translators are professionals and accordingly they ensure their work is consistent with your requirements. You want your translation English to Romanian to be as natural as possible to the normal language patterns of the recipient. Therefore, we take into account the region and any cultural influences that will affect the terminology or inherent character of English Romanian translation.

This dedication ensures your satisfaction and in turn, enhances your image as being someone who is aware and respectful in using the Romanian language. In the case of a translation English to Romanian being required for business purposes, we have the skilled personnel who are highly capable in Technical and Legal English to Romanian translation as well as various products and automotive related marketing materials and documentation.

The business and promotional value regarding localization of websites is becoming more apparent every day. As the need for business and market expansion increases, so does the communication aspect, with English Romanian translation among others is becoming even more crucial to getting your message to potential customers.

Translated24 provides you with a service that can make a difference

English to Polish Translation

Irrespective of the size and content of your English to Polish translation, Translated24 will provide you with the best and most accurate of services. Our highly qualified team of translators offer specialized services in translation English to Polish. Frequently processed documents include:

• Certificates for Birth, Marriage and Deaths
• Divorce Decrees
• Diplomas and Transcripts
• Technical/Legal Documents and Correspondence
• Marketing and various business related materials and a lot more!

We provide you with the opportunity to localize your websites and various software products, with English Polish translation and the professional help of our qualified translators. This is a cost effective method of increasing your exposure in targeted markets, with new business potential, and opportunities.

For your English to Polish translation our translators will take into consideration that Slavic languages, such as Polish, are what is known as “case languages” which means their word order does not have the same stability as English. This is only one of the nuances of translation English to Polish and other languages, which our team of professionals address for our clients.

The comparison between Polish and Slovak, can be regarded as similar to that between German and Swiss/German dialects. Our highly qualified translators, consider it essential that the inherent culture and form of a language, like English Polish translation is represented. It provides you with an original interpretation of your communication, making it more familiar and comprehensible for the receiver.

An English to Polish translation in this format, is a particular incentive for any business related, or governmental correspondence, where a favorable impression is desired. The same motivation can also be directed towards official, legal or technical documentation, where the facts must be portrayed with their true meanings.

Although during English Polish translation there are relatively few dialects for our translators to consider and the differences are not significant, care is still taken. This is necessary to ensure that regional and cultural connotations and preferences are adhered to and the true meaning of your communication is transmitted to the recipient.

An example of the need for translation English to Polish can be seen by communication on a worldwide basis now being the norm! Accordingly, it has become a demanding part of international business development that any type of correspondence and documentation has the best possible clarity.

At Translated24, we are committed to providing you with a service that accurately meets all your translation requirements.